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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound
We might apportion the great basic colors between the various terms that we use to express the totality of the manifested universe:
1. Life Aspect 2. Form Aspect 3. Intelligence Aspect
Spirit Matter Mind
Consciousness Vehicle Vitality
Self Not-Self Relation between
2. Ray of Love and Wisdom 1. Ray of Power and Will 3. Ray of Activity or Adaptability
4. Ray of Harmony 7. Ray of Ceremonial Law 5. Ray of Concrete Knowledge
6. Ray of Devotion 5. Ray of Concrete Knowledge [219]
This is but one of the ways in which the rays may be apportioned and considered as influences having direct effect upon the evolving life, or upon the form in which it evolves by means of that third factor, the intelligence. These three divisions make the three points of a cosmic triangle:

Intelligence - Life - Form

and the current of the rays playing macrocosmically between the three has its microcosmic correspondence in the fire of kundalini (awakened through meditation) playing in accurate geometrical form between the three major centers:

Head - Heart - Throat

All the seven rays interact between the life, the form and the inner mind, and are in their essence themselves those three. They are life, they are form, they are intelligence, and their totality is the manifested universe. All seven at different times play on the different aspects. [220]

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