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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation
You have in fact:
  • Mantrams that affect kundalini, and arouse it in the right manner. By the power of the vibration they send it circulating through the centers according to their natural, geometrical progression. A secondary branch of these mantrams deals with the spleen, and the control of the pranic fluids for the purpose of health, for vitalization, and for affecting the fire at the base of the spine.
  • Mantrams that work on the matter of the mental plane, on one or other of its two main divisions, - abstract and concrete, - and which work there in a twofold manner, producing an increased capacity to think, wield or manipulate mental matter, and, acting as a stimulant to the causal body, fit it more rapidly as a vehicle of consciousness, and prepare it for the final disintegration which is effected by fire.
  • Mantrams that evoke the God within, and work specifically on the Ego. From thence they set up a [187] strong vibration within the higher Triad, and so cause a downflow of the monadic force into the causal body. All these mantrams can be used separately, and achieve their own result.
  • There are seven great mantrams, one for each ray, that (when used by the Master or by a member of the Hierarchy) combine all the three effects. They arouse kundalini, they work on the causal vehicle on the mental plane, and they set up a vibration in the Triad and thus effect an at-one-ment of the lower, the higher and the fifth principle. This is a reflection of what occurred at the coming of the Lords of Flame. It leads to complete unification, and marks the man out henceforth as one in whom love demonstrates in action by the aid of illuminated mind.

These are the four most important mantrams as regards individual evolution and development, and are well-known to all those who train pupils for initiation. But by themselves, even if discovered by the unready, they could accomplish little, for their use must be accompanied by the power that comes from the application of the Rod of Initiation. This Rod, through its surmounting diamond, focuses the three fires in the same way that a burning-glass reacts to the sun, and causes a conflagration.

I have here given you a lot of information in very few words. The matter is much condensed. It has a special significance for the man who nears the Path of Initiation. Ponder carefully on this which is imparted, for, by brooding upon it in the silence of the heart, light may come, and the inner fire glow with greater heat.

Other mantrams connected with fire can be further enumerated. There are two groups that are contacted by the use of certain rhythmic sounds. [188]

  • The fire elementals and their various hosts in the bowels of the earth, on the surface of the earth, and in the air above the earth.
  • The devas of the mental plane, who are essentially the devas of fire.

With the mantrams affecting the elementals of fire there is naught to be said or imparted. They are, in many ways, the most dangerous and the most powerful of the elementals who attend to the earth economy. For one thing, they far outnumber all the other elementals, and are found on every plane from the highest to the lowest. The elementals of water or earth are found only in certain localities or spheres in the solar system, whilst the next most numerous elementals are those of air.

Mantrams calling them, controlling and dismissing them, were in common use among the Atlanteans. The dangers aroused, and the menace stalking the land through the indiscriminate use of elementals, so disturbed the accurate working of the logoic plans, and so displeased the Guides of the race that the knowledge was withdrawn. The Atlantean root race passed away through disasters by water, by floods, by submerging; when you remember that water is the natural enemy of fire, and that the two groups of elementals have no point of at-one-ment at this stage, you may be able to understand an interesting point about the Atlantean cataclysms.

Mantrams calling the fire devas are equally well guarded, not only because of the dangers involved but because of the obstructions in time that are caused when these devas are heedlessly called and held by mantric charm from pursuing their necessary vocations. Under these two groups of mantric forms will be found many lesser groups which work specifically with different bands of elementals and devas. [189]

We have here enumerated six groups of mantrams connected with fire. There are still a few more which I might briefly enumerate.

  • Purificatory mantrams that awaken a fire that purifies, and burns on one of the three lower planes. This is effected through the activity of elementals, controlled by fire devas, and under the direct guidance of an initiate or disciple for some specific purificatory end. The end may be to cleanse some one of the bodies or to purify a locality, a house or a temple.
  • Mantrams that call down fire for the magnetization of talismans, of stones and of sacred spots.
  • Mantrams that bring about healing through the occult use of flame.

The mantrams used:

  1. By the Manu, in manipulating that which is necessary in the moving of continents, and the submerging of lands.
  2. By the Bodhisattva, in stimulating the inner flame in each human being.
  3. By the Mahachohan, in His work with the intelligence, or the fifth principle.

All these mantric forms and many others exist... The first step towards the attainment of these mantrams is the acquirement of the faculty of occult meditation, for it is not the sounding of the words alone that bring about the desired end but the mental concentration that visualizes the results to be attained. This must be accompanied by the will that causes those results to be dominated by the one who chants the sounds. These mantric forms are dangerous and useless apart from the concentrated mental equilibrium of the man, and his power to control and vitalize. [190]

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