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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation
July 25, 1920

The emotional body is at this time the most important body in the Personality for several reasons. It is a complete unit, unlike the physical and mental bodies; it is the center of polarization for the majority of the human family; it is the most difficult body to control, and is practically the very last body to be completely subjugated. The reason for this is that the vibration of desire has dominated, not only the human kingdom but also the animal and vegetable kingdoms in a lesser sense, so that the evolving inner man has to work against inclinations set up in three kingdoms. Before the spirit can function through forms of the fifth or spiritual kingdom, this desire vibration has to be eliminated, and selfish inclination transmuted into spiritual aspiration. The emotional body forms practically a unit with the physical body, for the average man functions almost entirely at the instigation of the emotional, - his lowest vehicle automatically obeying the behests of a higher. It is also the body that connects most directly, as has been oft-times said, with the intuitional levels, and one path of attainment lies that way. In meditation the emotional body should be controlled from the mental plane, and when the polarization has been transferred into the mental body through forms of meditation and intensity of purpose and of will, then the emotional becomes quiescent and receptive. [99]

This negative attitude in itself, if carried too far, opens the door to serious dangers, which I will later enlarge upon when we take up the subject of obsessions, divine sometimes, but more oft the reverse. A negative condition is not desired in either of the bodies, and it is just this very negativeness that beginners in meditation so oft achieve, and so run into danger. The aim should be to make the emotional ovoid positive to all that is lower and to its environment and only receptive to the Spirit via the causal. This can only be brought about by the development of the faculty of conscious control - that control which even in the moments of highest vibration and contact is alert to watch and guard the lower vehicles. "Watch and pray," the Great Lord said when last on earth, and He spoke in occult terms, that have not as yet received due attention or interpretation.

What must therefore be watched?

  1. The attitude of the emotional ovoid and its positive-negative control.
  2. The stability of the emotional matter and its conscious receptivity.
  3. Its alignment with the mental and with the causal bodies. If this alignment is imperfect (as it so frequently is) it causes inaccuracy in reception from the higher planes, distortion of the truths sent down via the Ego, and a very dangerous transference of force to undesirable centers. This lack of alignment is the cause of the frequent straying from sexual purity of many apparently spiritually inclined persons. They can touch the intuitional levels somewhat, the Ego can partially transmit power from on high, but as the alignment is imperfect the force from those higher levels is deflected, the wrong centers are over-stimulated, and disaster results.
  4. Another danger to be guarded against is that of [100] obsession, but in pure thoughts, spiritual aims, and unselfish brotherly conduct, lie the fundamentals of protection. If to these essentials is added common sense in meditation and a wise application of occult rules, with due consideration of ray and karma, these dangers will disappear.
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