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Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter III - Points considered when assigning Meditation
The fourth period is that within which coordination of the Personality is completed, and that wherein the man comes to himself (as did the prodigal in the far country) and says: "I will arise and go to my Father." This is the result of the first meditation. The three permanent atoms are functioning and the man is an active, feeling, thinking entity. He reaches the consummation of the personality life and he begins to shift consciously his polarization from the personality life to the egoic. He stands upon the Path of Discipleship or Probation, or is close to it. He commences the work of transmutation; be laboriously, painfully and carefully, forces his consciousness higher and to expand at will; at any cost he determines to dominate and function in full liberation on the three lower planes; he realizes that the Ego must have perfect expression, - physical, emotional and metal, - and be makes, therefore, at infinite cost, the necessary channel. He attracts the attention of the Teachers. [28]

In what way does he do this? The causal body begins to radiate the indwelling Light. It has been constructed to a point where it is fine enough to act as a transparency and, where the contact of the Ego is made with the Triad, a point of Flame appears...  The light is no longer under the bushel, but suddenly flames forth, and catches the eager eye of the Master.

This marks the period between twenty-eight and thirty-five in the life of the adult. It is the period wherein a man finds himself, discovers what his line of activity may be, what he can accomplish, and from the worldly standpoint, comes into his own.

During the fifth period, the Flame gradually breaks through the periphery of the causal body, and the "path of the just shineth ever more and more unto the perfect day." It is in the fourth period that meditation commences, - the mystic meditation that leads, in the fifth period, to that occult meditation that brings about results, being under the law and hence following the line of the ray. It is by meditation that the man - as a Personality - feels out the vibration of the Ego, and seeks to reach up to the Ego and bring the egoic consciousness ever more and more down, so as to include consciously the physical plane. It is by meditation or by retreating within that the man learns the significance of Fire, and applies that fire to all the bodies, till naught is left save the fire itself. It is by meditation, or the reaching from the concrete to the abstract, that the causal consciousness is entered, and man - during this final period - becomes the Higher Self and not the Personality.

The polarization shifts during the fifth period (the period of the Path of Initiation) entirely from the Personality to the Ego, until, at the close of that period, liberation is complete, and the man is set free. Even the [29] causal body is known as a limitation and the emancipation is completed. The polarization then shifts higher into the Triad - the shifting beginning at the third Initiation. The physical permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes higher mental; the emotional permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes intuitional; the mental unit goes and the polarization becomes spiritual. The man then becomes a Master of the Wisdom and is of the symbolic age of forty-two, the point of perfected maturity in the solar system.

A still later period comes, corresponding to the ages forty-two to forty-nine, wherein the sixth and seventh Initiations may be taken, but this period concerns not the readers of these letters...

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