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Glamor - A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor
I will ask you, my brother, to do two things: study the above ideas in the light of the present world crisis, and in the light of your own soul-personality problem.

Advanced humanity stands, as the Dweller, on the very threshold of divinity. The Angel stands expectant - absorbed in the PRESENCE yet ready to absorb the Dweller. Humanity has advanced in consciousness to the very boundaries of the world of spiritual values and the kingdom of Light and of God. The Angel has "come to Earth" in expectation of recognition - an event of which the advent of Christ two thousand years ago was the symbol and the precursor. This is the situation where all advanced aspirants are concerned. It can be yours. It is the situation also where humanity as a whole is concerned and the approaching Hierarchy. The consciousness of humanity from the higher and spiritual standpoint functions today through the steadily growing band of world servers, world aspirants and world disciples, and their name is Legion.

Humanity today is the Dweller whilst the Hierarchy of Souls is the Angel and behind stands the PRESENCE of Divinity Itself, intuited by the Hierarchy and dimly sensed by humanity but providing in this manner that threefold synthesis which is divine manifestation in form.

All these three have powerful emanations (though the emanation of the PRESENCE via Shamballa has been wisely held in leash since the human race came into being). They all have auras, if you care so to call them, and in the three worlds at present that of the Dweller is still the most powerful, just as in the life of the aspirant, his personality is as yet the dominant predisposing factor. It is this powerful human emanation which constitutes the major glamor in the life of humanity and of the individual disciple. It is a synthesis of glamor, fused and blended by the personality ray but precipitated by the effect of the steadily influencing soul ray. It [160] is the shadow or distortion of reality, now sensed for the first time on a large scale by the race of men and thrown into high relief by the light which shines from the Angel, the transmitter of energy from the PRESENCE.

And so they stand - Humanity and the Hierarchy. And so you stand, my brother, personality and soul, with freedom to go forward into the light if you so determine or to remain static and unprogressive, learning nothing and getting nowhere; you are equally free to return to identification with the Dweller, negating thus the influence of the Angel, refusing imminent opportunity and postponing - until a much later cycle - your determining choice. This is true of you and of Humanity as a whole. Will humanity's third ray materialistic personality dominate the present situation or will its soul of love prove the most powerful factor, taking hold of the personality and its little issues, leading it to discriminate rightly and to recognize the true values and thus bring in the age of soul or hierarchical control? Time alone will show.

I will give you no more today. I am anxious for these few essential statements to be mastered by all of you, prior to our taking up Section III. I am anxious too for the general group instructions, which you have lately received, to take much of your time, interest and attention. Inner group adjustments and more firmly established group relations are urgently needed and upon these I ask you to work. I would remind you here also that - as in all else in manifestation - there is a group personality and a group soul; you must learn clearly to distinguish between the two and to throw the entire weight of your influence, desire and pressure on the side of the Group Angel. In this way there might occur that stupendous recognition for which all initiation prepares the applicant - the revelation of the PRESENCE. [161]

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