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Glamor - A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor
  1. The astrological influences can potently affect these situations and - speaking generally and within certain esoteric limits - it might be noted that: [156]
    1. Leo - controls the positive Dweller.
    2. Gemini - controls the processes of oscillation.
    3. Sagittarius - controls the negative Dweller.

    It might be added that the three signs - Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn - lead finally to the fusion of the Dweller and the Angel.

  2. The soul ray controls and conditions the activity of the Angel and its type of influence upon the Dweller. It affects karma, times and seasons.
  3. The personality ray controls the Dweller in all the earlier states and up to the time when the soul ray begins steadily to produce a growing effect. This personality ray is, as you know, a combination of three energies which produce the fourth or personality ray, through the medium of their interrelation over a vast period of time.
  4. Therefore, the five types of energy which I indicated to you as of importance in your own lives when I gave you indications as to the nature of your five controlling rays, govern also the relation between the Dweller and the Angel, both in the individual and in humanity as a whole. These five are the rays of the physical body, the astral ray, the mind ray, the personality ray and the soul ray.
  5. The rays which govern humanity and which condition humanity and the present world problem are as follows:
    1. The Soul ray - 2th - humanity must express love.
    2. The Personality ray - 3rd - developing intelligence for transmutation into love-wisdom.
    3. The Mind ray - 5th - scientific achievement.
    4. The Astral ray - 6th - idealistic development.
    5. The Physical ray - 7th - organization, business.

The soul ray controls for an entire life period. The personality rays given above are for the Piscean Age which is now beginning to pass out; but these have definitely and irrevocably conditioned humanity.

You will note also that the first Ray of Will or Power is missing as is the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This fourth ray is always active as it controls in a peculiar manner the fourth creative Hierarchy and might be regarded as forming the basic personality ray of the fourth creative Hierarchy. The one given above is a transient and fleeting personality ray of a minor incarnation.

  1. In the Aquarian Age which is rapidly coming, the Dweller will present slightly different personality forces:
    1. Personality ray - 5th - basic and determining.
    2. Mind ray - 4th - the creative effect.
    3. Astral ray - 6th - conditioning incentives.
    4. Physical ray - 7th - incoming ray.
  1. Each great cycle in the zodiac is in the nature of an incarnation of the human family, and each great race is a somewhat similar happening; the latter is, however, of more importance where the human understanding and consciousness is concerned. The analogy is to the few important incarnations in the life of the soul in contradistinction to the many unimportant and rapidly succeeding incarnations. Of the important incarnations there are three which are of major import: the Lemurian, the Atlantean, and the Aryan races.
  2. Each race produced its own type of Dweller on the Threshold who was faced at the close of the spiritual cycle (not the physical which goes on to crystallization) [158] when maturity was achieved and a certain initiation became possible for its advanced humanity.
  3. When a racial incarnation and a zodiacal cycle synchronize (which is not always the case) then there comes a significant and important focusing of the attention of the Dweller on the Angel and vice versa. This is taking place at this time at the close of the Piscean era and when the Aryan race has reached maturity and a relatively high water mark of development. Discipleship is significant of maturity, and it is with mature development that the Dweller is met. The Aryan race is ready for discipleship.
  4. The development of sensitivity in the individual and in the race indicates the imminence of the recognition of the Angel from both angles of vision and the immediacy of the opportunity. This opportunity for active fusion has never been so true as now.
  5. The lines of demarcation as existing between the recognized areas of influence between the Dweller and the Angel are clearer than ever before in the history of the race. Man knows the difference between right and wrong and must now choose the way that he shall go. In the Atlantean racial crisis (which was also a complete human crisis), the history of which is perpetuated for us in the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna - symbol of the then disciple and the world disciple - was frankly bewildered. This is not so true now. The disciples of the world and the world disciple do see the issues today relatively quite clearly. Will expediency win or will the Dweller be sacrificed with love and understanding to the Angel? This is the major problem. [159]
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