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Glamor - A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor
Illumination and the light of knowledge can be regarded as synonymous terms and many glamors can be dissipated and dispersed when subjected to the potency of the informative mind, for the mind is essentially the subduer of emotion through the presentation of fact. The problem is to [145] induce the individual or the race or nation which is acting under the influence of glamor to call in the mental power of assessing the situation and subject it to a calm, cold scrutiny. Glamor and emotion play into each other's hands and feeling runs so strong usually in relation to glamor that it is impossible to bring in the light of knowledge with ease and effectiveness.

Illumination and perception of truth are also synonymous terms, but it should be remembered that the truth in this case is not truth on the abstract planes but concrete and knowable truth - truth which can be formulated and expressed in concrete form and terms. Where the light of truth is called in, glamor automatically disappears, even if only for a temporary period. But, again, difficulty arises because few people care to face the actual truth, for it involves eventually the abandonment of the beloved glamor and the ability to recognize error and to admit mistakes, and this the false pride of the mind will not permit. Again, I would assure you that humility is one of the most potent factors in releasing the illuminating power of the "mind, as it reflects and transmits the light of the soul. The determined facing of the factual life and the stern recognition of truth - coldly, calmly and dispassionately - will greatly facilitate the calling in of the flood of illumination which will suffice to dispel glamor.

As we are dealing with the problem of glamor and illumination, it might be of value here if I dealt with the particular glamor which I would ask your group to aid in dispelling. I refer here to the glamor of separateness. Work along this line will have most practical and salutary implications, for none of you (as you will discover) will be able to work effectively on this matter if you feel any sense of separateness; this separate reaction may express itself as hatred, as an active dislike or as a voiced criticism - perhaps, [146] in some cases, all three. There are forces which you may personally regard as separateness or as the cause of separation. I would remind you that the favorite views and cherished beliefs of those to whom you are mentally opposed (often under the guise of a strenuous adherence to what you regard as right principles) are to those who hold them equally right; they feel that your views are erroneous and they regard them as separate in their effect and as the basis of trouble. They are, in their place, as sincere as you are and as eager for the achievement of the right attitude as you feel yourself to be. This is something often forgotten and I would remind you of it. I might also illustrate this point by pointing out to you that the hatred or the dislike (if hatred is too strong a word) that any of you may feel for the activities of the German Government, and for the line that they have taken against the Jewish people, might be turned with almost equal justification against the Jews themselves. The latter have always been separate and have regarded themselves as "the chosen of the Lord" and have never proved assimilable in any nation. The same can be said of the Germans, and from many they evoke the same reaction as they mete out to the Jew, though not the physical persecution. Neither attitude, as you well know, is justifiable from the angle of the soul; they are both equally wrong, and this is a point of view which the Jew and the anti-Jew must eventually understand and, through understanding, bring to an end.

I mention this because I am going to ask you to deal with that ancient and worldwide glamor - the glamor of the hatred of the Jew. In this group there are those who are, in their thought at least, violently anti-German; there are others who are definitely, though intelligently, anti-Jew. I would ask those in both these groups to recognize the problem with which they are faced. It is a problem which [147] is so very ancient and deeply rooted in the consciousness of the race that it is far bigger than the individual can possibly vision; the individual point of view is consequently so limited that constructive usefulness is noticeably impaired. After all, my brothers, the point of view of the "under dog" is not necessarily the only one or necessarily always the correct one. Both the Germans and the Jews merit our impersonal love, particularly as they are both guilty (if I may use such a term) of the same basic errors and faults. The German is powerfully race conscious; so is the Jew. The German is separative in his attitude to the world; so is the Jew. The German insists today on racial purity, a thing upon which the Jew has insisted for centuries. A small group of Germans are anti-Christian; so are an equally small number of Jews. I could continue piling up these resemblances but the above will suffice. Therefore, your dislike of one group is not more warranted than your refusal to recognize any justification for the activities and attitudes of the other. Like frequently repudiates and swings away from like, and the Germans and the Jews are curiously alike. Just as many British people and the preponderance of the British race are reincarnated Romans, so many Germans are reincarnated Jews. Hence the similarity of their points of view. It is a family quarrel and there is nothing more terrible than this.

I am going to ask you to take the Germans and the Jews into your group meditation and pour out your group love upon both these divisions of your brothers in the human family. See to it that before you begin your meditation you have freed yourselves - emotions and mind - from any latent antagonisms, from any hatreds, from any preconceived ideas of right or wrong but that you simply fall back upon the love of your souls, remembering that both [148] Jews and Germans are souls as you are and identical in their origin, their goal and their life experience with yours.

As you pour out the stream of pure white light (as Stage III instructs you), see to it that it pours through you with purity and clarity as one stream. Then see it bisect into equal quantities or proportions - one stream of living light and love going to the Jews and the other to the German peoples. The quality of your love will count and not so much the accuracy of your analysis or the perfection of your technique.

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