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Glamor - A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor
It will be apparent to you that there are elements of danger in this work. Unless the members of the group are exceedingly watchful and unless they cultivate the habit of careful observation, they may suffer from over-stimulation of the solar plexus until such time as they have mastered the process of rapidly transferring the light of the soul, focused in the solar plexus, and the innate light of the astral body, also found localized in that center, into the heart center between the shoulder blades. I would, therefore, warn each and all of you to proceed with the utmost care and I would caution you that if you suffer any solar plexus disturbance or encounter in yourselves any increased emotional instability, to be not unduly disturbed. I would ask you to regard the phenomenon of disturbance as simply a temporary difficulty, incident upon the service which you are seeking to render. If you pay this intelligent attention to the matter and no more, refusing to be distressed or to be disturbed, no bad results will be felt. [143]

In connection with your anticipated group work along these lines, you will proceed with your group meditation as indicated elsewhere (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, page 61), and then - when you have arrived at Stage III in the group meditation - you will work together as follows:

  1. Having linked up with all your group brothers, then consciously carry out the hints given symbolically in the ancient writing which I paraphrased for you above.
    1. Link up consciously with your soul and realize this linking as a fact.
    2. Then carry the light of the soul, through the power of the creative imagination, direct to your astral body and from thence to the solar plexus center - which is the line of least resistance.
    3. Then transfer the light of the soul and the innate light of the astral body from the solar plexus center to the heart center, by a definite act of the will.
  2. Then, imaginatively, stand with your back to the world of glamor and with the eye of your mind focused on the soul, whose nature is LOVE.
  3. Let a few minutes' interlude then take place wherein you stabilize yourself for the work, and definitely and consciously focus the light available, from all sources, within the heart center. Imagine that center between the shoulder blades as a radiant sun. I might here point out that this is, in the individual, the microcosmic correspondence to the "heart of the Sun" which is always directed by the "central spiritual Sun," localized in the head. Get this picture clearly into your consciousness, for it involves the dual, yet synthetic, activity of the head and the heart. [144]
  4. Then see a shaft of pure white light, broad and brilliant, pouring out of the heart center between the shoulder blades, on to that localized glamor with which you, as a group, are dealing. What this localized area is, I will presently disclose.
  5. When this is clearly defined in your mind and inspired by your desire and force, and when you have the entire symbolic picture clearly visualized, then see your particular shaft of light blended with the shafts of light which your group brothers are projecting. Thus a great flood of directed light coming from several trained aspirants (and are you trained, my brothers?) will pour on to that area of glamor with which you are supposed to deal.
  6. Do this work for five carefully sustained minutes and then proceed as indicated in Stage IV of your meditation outline.

In defining illumination as the antithesis of glamor it is obvious that my remarks must necessarily be limited to certain aspects of illumination and will only concern those directed forms of work and those presentations of the problem which will concern the use of light upon the astral plane and particularly in connection with the work that you have pledged yourselves to do. There are many other definitions possible, for the light of the soul is like an immense searchlight, the beams of which can be turned in many directions and focused on many levels. We are however only concerned here with its specialized use.

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