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Glamor - A World Problem - The Nature of Glamor
I would suggest also that you find out all that you can anent the much misunderstood subject of the aura: search out what is said in my books and in the writings extant in any good occult library. I seek no copying out of paragraphs but a formulation of your knowledge so that you [35] can answer clearly questions which might be asked. The following three questions are basic:
  1. What is the aura and how does it come into existence?
  2. How can the aura be made the medium of light, and the light which should shine through it be intensified?
  3. Have you noticed what is the effect which your own individual aura is making upon your environment and how can you improve that effect?

This will enable you to make practical application of that which I seek to teach you. Forget not that as you look out upon the world and your immediate environment, that you look out through your aura and have, therefore, to deal with glamor and illusion.

There are three further questions which you might put to yourself, facing the issue in the light of your soul:

  1. Do I suffer primarily from glamor or from illusion?
  2. Do I know which quality or characteristic in my nature facilitates my tuning in on the world glamor or the world illusion?
  3. Have I reached the point where I can recognize my peculiar Dweller on the Threshold, and can I state what form it takes?

That you may indeed as individuals and also as a group learn the meaning of true self-knowledge and so learn to stand in spiritual being, increasingly free from glamor and illusion, is the prayer of your friend and brother who has fought his way through to a greater measure of light... [36]

During the past six months, four members of this group of students have been fighting glamor in their own individual lives, and for the most part successfully. I make reference to this because in an experimental group such as this, it is well to anticipate such a situation; such wrestling will naturally occur, because only that which is experimentally known becomes a true content of the equipment of the disciple. Earlier I referred to the fact that part of the plan of the Hierarchy embraces the starting of small groups such as this one which would have the definite objective of providing the active means whereby the world glamor - today so potent and deep - can be dissipated.

The time has not yet come for dealing with the world illusion on a large scale, for the race is not adequately mental nor has the illusion (which is, as I have stated, pre-eminently the result of the misinterpretation of ideas) reached its height. But the hour has struck for the first steps to be taken in the dissipation of glamor, and the hold of glamor upon the race should be appreciably lessened in the future. Hence the practical training now being given in this group in their own lives; hence also the intended teaching later to be given to the group - if they measure up to the opportunity - which will enable them to aid in the concerted and planned attack upon the world glamor. Wrestle therefore with your personal problems along these lines, my brothers, for in this way you will gain facility in discernment, in clear precise action, and in strengthened understanding.

In the process of dissipating glamor, the way of the greatest potency is to realize the necessity to act purely as a channel for the energy of the soul. If the disciple can make right alignment and consequent contact with his soul, the results show as increased light. This light pours down and irradiates not only the mind, but the brain consciousness [37] as well. He sees the situation more clearly: he realizes the facts of the case as against his "vain imaginings"; and so the "light shines upon his way." He is not yet able to see truly in the larger sweeps of consciousness; the group glamor and, of course, the world glamor remain to him as yet a binding and bewildering mystery, but his own immediate way begins to clear, and he stands relatively free from the fog of his ancient and distorting emotional miasmas. Alignment, contact with his soul, and then steadfastness, are the keynotes to success.

It will therefore be apparent to you that small groups such as this, if established in different countries and cities and if successful in their personal activities, could play a most useful part. Such groups would have two aspects to their endeavor. They would have to wrestle with group glamor which creeps inevitably into group life through the instrumentality of the group members. Their united personal glamors provide the open door through which group glamor can enter. An instance of this can be seen in this group, when glamor entered in through the medium of L.T.S-K., and swept I.B.S. into its vortex of force. It was overcome, fortunately, leaving you all the richer and more united on account of the strong stand in love taken by the other group members. May I remind L.T.S-K. and I.B.S. of their deep indebtedness to the love of their brothers. The group love protected them. I.B.S. has gone a long way in freeing herself from certain aspects of glamor. L.T.S-K. is also freer than he was, but still has much to do. It is always difficult for the third ray person to cultivate the intuition. The apparently profound wisdom of the manipulative and devious science of the intelligence inherent in matter prevents oft the entrance of the true wisdom of the illumined mind. Six months ago I felt that it was probably impossible for L.T.S-K. to free himself [38] from the glamor in which he habitually walked. Today a little more light shines upon his way and he may, if he frees himself still further from his self-generated thought-forms, make the needed grade.

When group glamor has been somewhat dissipated and the group can walk in the "lighted Way" with freedom, then will come the time when the group can be trained in group alignment, group contact and group steadfastness. It can then begin the definite and scientific task of attacking the world glamor. It is of interest in this particular group to be reminded that this is part of the activity now being undertaken by certain people in the New Group of World Servers. Through the emphasis in the world of certain basic ideas such as goodwill and mutual interdependence, much is being done to dissipate the glamor in which the people of the world are walking. It is not the function of every server to form part of the massed attack upon the world glamor which is now getting under way. Everyone has to deal with glamor in his own personal life, but functions and activities differ. Yours is the work of the trained observers, and that training takes much time. At present, many of you do not recognize glamor when it meets you, and envelopes you. It is only by its effects that you eventually know it for what it is. The time must come when your processes of observation are so keen that you will recognize it in its true nature before it immerses and engulfs you and produces those conditions which enable you to say later: "Why did I allow myself to be glamored? Why was I so deluded?"

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