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Esoteric Astrology - The Rays, Constellations and Planets - Cosmic Energies and Transformation
It is here that the wonder of the work of Christ, the Lord of Love emerges into our consciousness. He makes it very clear that this love which He demonstrated was an aspect of the will, functioning through the medium of the second ray; this powerful love released into the world the [624] cosmic principle of love. Again the three aspects of the divine will can be seen functioning through the second ray:
  1. The will-to-initiate or to condition demonstrates in Christ's work as He inaugurates the era wherein it became possible for the kingdom of God to appear on Earth. In reality, this will be a demonstration of the fusion of the two centers, Humanity and the Hierarchy. By fusion, I mean their complete reciprocal at-one-ment. It will inaugurate an era wherein - through increased capacity to see the vision and increased power to identify oneself with the vision - a race of men will be produced whose life expression will be that of love-wisdom.
  2. The will which brings fulfilment demonstrates through the second ray by the means of that driving force which enables the second ray soul steadily to achieve its goal, relentlessly pushing forward, permitting itself no let-up or leeway until the desired goal is reached. This is a different expression to the will of the first ray which is dynamic and which crashes forward in spite of all obstacles; the latter does not require the slower methods of the steady drive.
  3. It is also the will which conquers death because of its intense love of reality and of that "persistent One" who exists behind all phenomena.

In the Old Commentary this type of will - the will-to-love - is spoken of in the following terms:

"The Transcendent One said: I am alone.
I must arise and seek with ceaseless urge,
that which produces completion,
round out my circle whole,
intensify My life and make Me truly One,
and this because I recognize the Two.
I must have union with my other self,
the self I dimly sense.[625]
Unto My heart I drew that other One
and drawing thus I gave enlightenment;
I dowered with enrichments; I freely gave."

This embodies not the mystical vision of the other one but the will aspect of the planetary Logos, the incentive behind the life of Shamballa. It is the Lord of Sacrifice Who speaks. The keynote of sacrifice or the "process of making whole" runs through all that concerns the will aspect as it functions through the medium of the seven rays; this becomes beautifully apparent in the activity of the second ray as it is the channel for the will of God.

It knows itself as the transcending will because behind its expression of cosmic love (attracting, fusing and producing, cohesion) lies a synthetic vision of divine Intention. It differentiates between process and goal, between initiation and that which is revealed by the initiatory process and that is something which as yet is unknown to initiates below the third degree. Herein lies the distinction between the Christ and the Buddha. The latter revealed the process, but the Christ embodied in Himself both goal and process. He revealed the cosmic principle of love and by its means - embodied in Himself - He produced effects also and momentous changes in the world through those presented to Him for initiation.

The second ray knows itself as the transmitting will because through its means something passes between the pair of opposites (spirit-matter) which draws them together until eventually they form one blended whole. This is a basic mystery - the basic mystery of initiation and concerns the at-oning will which functions through love. Its lowest expression and its most material symbol is the love between the sexes. [626]

It knows itself likewise as the transforming will because the entire evolutionary process (which is, in the last analysis, the working out of the interrelation between God and His world, between cause and effect and between Life and form) is based upon the transformation brought about by divine attraction. This enables "spirit to mount upon the shoulders of matter," as H. P. B. expresses it, and forces matter to achieve the purification which will lead it eventually to act as a transparent medium for the revelation of divinity.

It knows itself finally as the will which transfigures. It was this transfiguration which Christ manifested when He emerged before the startled eyes of His disciples as Light Incarnate and "was transfigured before them."

The entire process of transcendence, resulting in transfiguration, is worked out in relation to the second ray by the combined influences of the three constellations through which this ray chooses by an "act of its sufficient will to act in time and space." Let us look at them for a moment:

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