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Esoteric Astrology - The Rays, Constellations and Planets - Cosmic Energies and Transformation
I would point out here that I have given this triangle of constellations in the order of their relationship to the Great Life Who employs them as transmitting agencies for first ray activities. It should also be noted that the reason for this relation is inherent in the nature of the informing Lives of the particular constellations. They are Themselves expressions of the will-to-good and, therefore, constitute the line of least resistance for the dissemination of first ray energy throughout our solar system. From the angle of human relations, this triangle rearranges itself. It becomes Leo, the giver of self-consciousness; Capricorn, the sign wherein initiation can be taken; and Aries, the incentive towards a new beginning. In the understanding of the significance of the distinction between constellations as galaxies of stars, and signs as concentrated influences will come fresh light upon the science of astrology. This is fundamentally connected with the difference between the relation of a ray energy to the triangle of constellations and the human [622] relation. More I may not say but this will give a hint to the intuitive astrologer.

Ray II - Love-Wisdom
Gemini - Virgo - Pisces
working through the medium of the five planets:
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, the Moon, Pluto.

This "line of distribution" (if I may so express it) is related to the will which produces inevitable union, at-one-ment and synthesis, through the power of attraction, based upon power to see the vision. In this solar system and during this world cycle and, therefore, upon our planet and throughout the period wherein our planet moves from the position of a non-sacred to a sacred planet, this is the dominating will aspect of Deity; it is the energy with which our planetary Logos is preoccupied. It is that which has brought the Hierarchy into being, under the impact of the Shamballa or first ray force. It is, however, with hierarchical energy that humanity is, at this time, preoccupied. In my use of the word "preoccupied" in connection both with the planetary Logos and humanity, you will find indication of a growing response between the two centers, Shamballa and Humanity.

Anent this ray energy, the esotericists of the world know much and this for three reasons

  1. The emphasis of all the teaching given out during the past three hundred and fifty years has been upon it.
  2. The two great exponents of this ray energy are the two best known world Teachers and Saviors from the human point of view in both the East and the West: the Buddha and the Christ.
  3. The two Masters Who have attempted to awaken humanity in the West to a realization of the Hierarchy [623] are the Masters Morya and K. H., the two working in the closest relation and expressing first and second ray energy.

The keynotes of illumination, of vision, of sight or of spiritual perception and of the fusion of the occidental or the mystic way are dominant in this cycle. The Buddha summed up in Himself all the light of the past as far as humanity was concerned. He was the culminating Messenger, and demonstrated the innate possibilities of mankind, radiating the light of wisdom in relation to the light of substance and producing that dual blaze or flaming light which had been fanned and fostered (though not fully expressed) by humanity up to that time. He came forth as the flower or fruition of the past and as the guarantee of man's innate capacity. Christ, whilst able also to say "I am the light of the world," went further in His manifestation and gave a vision of the next step, demonstrating the light of the soul and pointing to the future, thus presenting that which could be because He had released on Earth the cosmic principle of love. Love is an aspect of the will, which is a point very little realized by the mass of men. It is the will to draw into itself or the will to attract into itself, and this will, when exerted toward that which is not material, we, in reaction to the differentiating mind, call Love. But humanity has to see that which must be loved before that power of the will is sufficiently evoked. Then the vision can become a manifestation and a fact in expression.

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