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Esoteric Astrology - The Rays, Constellations and Planets - Cosmic Energies and Transformation
To these I might add one word in connection with the Earth and its humanity which is allied to all the above. This

Diagram Five

word is Translated, for when the "souls of just men are made perfect," a process of translation takes place which [612] lifts humanity off and away from the planet on to one or other of the seven cosmic Paths to which our seven initiations form the entering doors.

In connection with the human individual and his progress and initiation or translation from one state of consciousness to another, there is to be found a small, replica of the above:

  1. The soul of man receives from all three major planetary centers or groups.
  2. The darkened spots indicate awakened, alert centers.
  3. The diagram indicates the "interior light chart" of an advanced aspirant on the verge of discipleship.

The whole story of extension from the One into the Many and of the Many into the One is contained in these macrocosmic and microcosmic diagrams.

Let us now take each of the seven Rays and see how they embody and transmit the three aspects of the will, via three constellations and their rulers, to our Earth. We enter here into the realm of causes and are dealing with those transcendent purposes, incentives, urges and objectives of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. This great Life, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of the world, Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, the planetary Logos - His many names are of relative unimportance - is the only Existence upon our planet Who is capable of responding to and carrying out the objectives of the solar Logos. He, in His turn, is the only one in, our solar system capable of responding to the sevenfold Emanating Cause, expressing Itself through the Great Bear or Ursa Major. We will, however, deal with the psychological aspects of the emanations of the seven Rays which embody the will-to-good. [613]

  • Ray I - Will or Power:
    Aries - Leo - Capricorn
    working through the medium of the four planets:
    Mars - Mercury - the Sun - Saturn.

This is the will which lies behind all initiatory activity, that is,

  1. The initiation of the previous stages of creation.
  2. The initiation of the urge to evolve, proceed, progress.
  3. The initiation of the differentiating process in order to produce.

These are all expressions or effects of the activity of the ray energy and all can be best summed up in the thought of a dynamic "entering into" - by an act of the focused will - a new state of consciousness. This leads inevitably to a new realization of being. In this statement, you have one of the basic definitions of initiation as far as the initiation of a human being is concerned. These are dim reflections of the dynamic processes to which the One Life subjects Itself as it enters into the dualistic condition of spirit-matter. The will here referred to lies behind the dualism and is analogous to the reception and focusing of an initial idea as it enters into the mind of a creative, advanced human being, his thought processes and his achievements. Some understanding of this will come if the disciple will consider what fixed aspiration, a vision of the goal and a determination to follow the will-to-good has effected in his life. Beyond this realization, he cannot go, but it holds for him the cosmic seed of understanding.

It is necessary to remember that on the Path of Initiation, the whole training process is turned towards the evolution of the will and this is possible because behind the development of love lies the revelation of the will. It is rightly [614] taught that man's immediate goal is the unfoldment (into full expression) of the love nature. This begins to take place and reaches a relatively high stage of unfoldment upon the Path of Discipleship. The detail of the process in a broad and general sense might be stated as follows:

  1. Path of Evolution and Probation.
    1. Unfoldment of intellect and of sensory perception.
    2. Response to the center called Humanity.
    3. The mind takes control. Personality functions.
  2. Path of Discipleship.
    1. Unfoldment of the love nature.
    2. Achievement of illumination.
    3. Response to the center called the Hierarchy.
    4. Buddhi or the intuition is in control. The soul functions.
  3. Path of Initiation.
    1. Unfoldment of the will.
    2. Achievement of synthesis.
    3. Response to the center called Shamballa.
    4. Dynamic Purpose in control. The will-to-good. The Monad functions.
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