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Esoteric Astrology - The Rays, Constellations and Planets - Cosmic Energies and Transformation
4. Cosmic Energies and Transformation

Let us now briefly get an idea of this stream of energies as they move outward into space from Ursa Major, as they are transmitted, through certain zodiacal constellations to our solar system and thence, via the Sun to the seven sacred planets. These produce what are called "transformations" on our non-sacred planet, the Earth, bringing it increasingly into line with the will aspect of divinity. You have in reality the following explanatory diagram, which may make the whole process somewhat clearer to you:

Diagram Three

This is the only way that I can give you an idea of the distribution of energies, their limitation within the bounds of the zodiac, and their focusing within the periphery of [610] our solar system. Let me make it more specific as regards one of the rays and its triangular relationships as given in Tabulation X:

Diagram Four

  1. The Earth being itself one of the five non-sacred planets, only four are listed as among the transfiguring agents.
  2. The darkened planets indicate the transmitting agents of the Forces, passed through the transformation process by the Sun.
  3. The Sun and Moon are listed among the non-sacred planets as they are, in this instance, blinds or veils.
  4. The origin of the hour glass is to be found in this diagram of the inflowing energies.
  5. The above diagram can be used in connection with any of the seven rays, but will involve.
    1. The use of other transmitting agents in the form of the appropriate three zodiacal constellations and their rulers. [611]
    2. The indicating of planets, different to those involved in the inflow of first ray energy.
  6. The key to the whole process as far as the Earth is concerned - and the individual on the Earth - is to be found in the words:
    Transcending - The transcending cause.
    Transmitting - The zodiacal constellations.
    Transforming - The Sun. The Soul.
    Transfiguring - The planets.
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