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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - The Triangles and the Centers
It will be of course obvious to you that it will not be possible to deal with all the various triangles of energy which are effective on our Earth, and which, incidentally, affect humanity exhaustively. Their name is legion. But certain triangular relationships can be tentatively considered and their place in the planetary or in the individual horoscope can then be later worked out. In the new astrology which will be that of the soul, the paramount consideration of the twelve houses (which are now of such importance) will be less emphasized and the consideration of the three Crosses will emerge in their place. These three Crosses make together twelve arms and it is the energy flowing through the twelve arms and their place in the soul horoscope which will assume the major importance. This I will enlarge upon when we take up the theme of the three Crosses. The twelve houses concern the personality. The four arms of the three Crosses concern the soul and it is these twelve and their appearance in the horoscope or their failure to appear which will govern the horoscope of the soul. All the four influences of the three [465] Crosses will be found present in the chart of a Master. Therefore an indication of which constellations are primarily related to the unfoldment of consciousness and to the evolution of spiritual understanding is of significant use here.

The major cosmic Triangle works primarily through six constellations at this time and - again at this time - the cosmic constellation and the two zodiacal energies focus through a particular planet, using it as a transmitting agency to the Earth. You have therefore:

Sirius / Pleiades / Great Bear

I. Sirius - Working through - Cancer - Saturn - Capricorn
II. The Pleiades - Working through - Gemini - Mercury - Sagittarius
III. The Great Baer - Working through - Aries - The Sun - Libra

These six influences aid greatly in the development of self-consciousness and later of the spiritual consciousness in the man who has succeeded in reaching the point of reorientation upon the Great Wheel. I deal not here with the personality influences, inclinations and determinations as they appear in the chart of the ordinary man. I deal with the influences and with those determining energies which pour upon the man who is on the Path of Return to the center of his life and, therefore, with the final three stages upon the Path of evolution. [466]

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