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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
This rule, therefore, concludes with the words:

"The patient's soul responds through the response of his aura to the radiation of the healer's aura, flooded with soul energy."

It is consequently a question of the soul energy of both parties meeting on all three levels of human awareness. The expression "the soul" is here in the singular because unity (if only for a moment) has been reached. The soul of the patient recognizes this unity by the "occult quickening" of his own aura and by its responsiveness to the entering radiations from the healer's aura. This flooding with soul energy through the medium of related auras is, all of it, directed as one unified effort towards the area of disease in the patient's body. You can see, therefore, that - consciously or unconsciously - the work can go forward and produce either healing or that "quickening of atoms which leads by soul direction unto release," as the Old Commentary calls the act of dying.

When it becomes evident that it is the patient's destiny to die, the technique of the healer alters somewhat. He [658] then takes his place at the patient's head, and from that point deflects all his own radiations to the seat of the disease, causing necessarily a great acceleration of vibratory activity. The patient, in the meantime, consciously through brain recognition or unconsciously under soul direction, begins the process of withdrawing all consciousness from the body. This is why so many people are in a coma prior to death. When this act of the withdrawal of consciousness has been started, the work of the healer ends. He "shuts off" his soul contact and reassumes control of his aura as a medium of his own spiritual expression; it becomes no longer an instrument for healing by radiatory activity, and leaves the patient alone automatically to complete the withdrawal of the consciousness thread and the life thread, from the head and heart centers.

This is a broad and general outline of the processes followed in magnetic and radiatory healing. I have here given you the skeleton structure of the idea, but not the details; more can be inferred and given when we study the seven methods of healing with their ray implications.

This teaching has been given in such a manner that the student will have to hunt through its pages and gather together the facts needed, and thus formulate the first stage of the procedure of spiritual healing; unless he is himself a spiritual healer and ready to read between the lines and to distinguish between symbolism and fact, he will be misled and his work rendered useless. This is intended; for the healing art - when perfectly applied under correct formulas - can be dangerous. It must be remembered that although energy is thought, it is also, from a higher point of view, fire. The entire technique, procedure, and formulas will have to be discovered, subjected to experiment and the results noted before the true spiritual healing can take place; [659] by the time this investigation has been completed, it will be safer matter than it is today.

In the meantime, much good can be accomplished and a great deal learnt if those interested read, study, meditate, carefully experiment, and thus gradually build up this much needed science as a copartner in the medical science of modern times.

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