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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
Let us now consider radiatory healing.

We shall now be dealing with a very different situation than that of the one we have just been considering. In radiatory healing, the patient (either consciously or unconsciously) is working with the healer and is cooperating with him. The basic premise in radiatory healing is that the patient is a person who has, at least to some degree, established rapport with his soul. This having been brought about, the healer knows that a channel of contact can be counted upon and that the soul interest can be evoked in its representative, the man upon the physical plane. He knows also that success in radiatory healing is dependent, to a great extent, upon the ability of his own soul to establish a firm relation with the soul of the patient. When the patient is conscious and able to cooperate, the work is greatly helped; according to the healer's capacity to avail himself of alignment and recognized contact will be the quality of the aid he will be able to give to the one who needs his assistance. When the patient is unconscious, even that provides no real hindrance, provided the healer can bring his soul and the patient's soul into relationship; in [654] fact in some cases the unconsciousness of the patient can be a help, for too earnest, emphatic and impatient help can offset the work - quiet, silent and controlled - by the healer.

Once, however, the rapport is established, the work of the healer simply consists in holding the relationship steady; no interference must be permitted in the work being done by the patient's soul, set in motion by the aid of the healer. The Master Jesus on the Cross could not respond to any saving process (even had He desired to do so) because the soul body - as is always the case at the fourth initiation - was destroyed; there was nothing to respond to the evocative power of an outside person, interested or loving. As an adept and as one in whom monadic consciousness was firmly established, the powers then available to Jesus could not be used in the saving of His physical body. At the same time, it must be remembered that He would have no desire to save it, because He now possessed the power (demonstrated later in the Gospel story) to create a body at will in order to meet His needs. The subtle and subjective sin of the apostles was that they were not interested in evoking the living activity of the Master on His Own behalf (even though He would never do so; this they did not know), but were entirely preoccupied with their own grief. The evocation, had they attempted it, would have been useless, but the good that might have come to them and the revelation they might have received as to the deathlessness of the soul would have greatly illuminated them and might have produced a Christianity built around a living Christ and not around a dead Christ.

In radiatory healing, we are told that

"the healer must seek to link his soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation."

You will note two points connected with this particular instruction which differ from that given in the case of magnetic healing: [655]

  1. The order of the triangle of energies created is different.
  2. The means of contact are subtle and not tangible.

The energy released follows a direct line of contact with the brain, and the healer starts with a closed triangle and not with an open one, as in the case of magnetic healing. The triangle created is a simple one, and there is no physical contact and outlet as in magnetic healing:

Soul / Brain / Heart

The brain of the healer is involved, but there is no physical contact of any kind with the patient. The result is a constant circulation of force from the soul back again to the soul. This causes necessarily an augmenting and an energizing of the threefold personality of the healer, and therefore of his auric emanation. His aura would be seen by a clairvoyant as greatly extended, in rapid motion, and energized by light from his own soul, but with all its radiation turned in the direction of the patient. By this means the healing force of the healer stimulates all the three personality vehicles of the patient; the patient's soul is aided in the work it has to do. The healer will consequently find it necessary to stand at that side of the patient in which the trouble is located, so that the radiation of his aura can more easily penetrate. This is the easiest way, but not the most effective. Where the patient's vitality is strong, he [656] should lie on the side, and the healer should stand behind the patient so that the energy pouring through, which the healer may be using and which is potently energizing his aura with soul energy, may affect the patient's aura and thus facilitate the entry of the healing radiation, which the healer is contributing, to the center or centers needed. Where the patient is very highly developed, the healer should stand at the patient's head. His personal effect is not then so great, but that does not matter because it is not needed; the soul of the patient will be adequate to the task. All that is needed is that the aura of the healer, blending with that of the patient, creates a zone of quiet rhythmic activity around the head center. No physical contact by the hands is now required, and the healer must on no account touch the patient.

The situation is summed up for us in the words:

"Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The hands are needed not."

Speaking symbolically, it is almost as if a great vortex of power were set up by the contact between the two auras and by their high vibration; by its means the soul of the patient can work more easily. An initiate, if present, would see a golden stream of energy pouring straight down through the energized bodies of the patient's personality into the center nearest to the area of trouble. Approach is made via the head center directly to the point of difficulty, and towards this point the aura of the healer is also directed. The mental attitude of the patient is strengthened and clarified by the mental emanation of the healer's aura; his emotional reaction, often very powerful, is equally aided to attain dispassion and quiet, and the etheric and health auras have a definite effect upon the corresponding aspects of the patient's aura. [657]

Radiatory healing is brought about by the mingling of the two auras, both of them responsive to soul contact; the soul aspect of both persons (under control of the soul) is then directed towards some area of the patient's physical body. This produces a tremendous effect upon the diseased area, and the center in that same locality becomes exceedingly energized. The work of the healer during this process is one of intense quiescence. Having made his contact, he simply waits and has nothing more to do but to hold his soul alignment steady and permit nothing to disturb his personality vehicles. His task was accomplished when he made his own soul contact and then reached out and contacted the patient's soul. This he could do because he knows all souls are one; eventually the art of healing will be one of the demonstrating factors in proving the unity of all souls.

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