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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
This is a simple program but of such a practical potency that, if you once worked it out and made the needed sustained effort, in 1942 there would be no question but that success had crowned your efforts. The coming of God is the coming or emerging fifth kingdom in nature whose citizens always bring beauty into the world, thus glorifying that Intelligence to Whom we give the name of "God" for want of a better term; whose citizens are distinguished by the quality of good will which must, in the long run, bring the right kind of peace, but not pacifism, on earth. It is a program of such simplicity that the over-active minds of many will reject it on the ground that it is too simple, and yet the great and controlling factors in the world are always simple. Simple ideas work out when complex and complicated ones fail in their objective. The Hierarchy of Masters is governed by simplicity and this, which is one of Their plans, must be distinguished by it also. What are the plans today, and in what manner can you aid in the task of saving the world?

It can be greatly helped by the discovery, registering and education of the men and women of good will in the world. [742] This is the major line of activity. Their united good will (at present latent, unused and unorganized) can become a world force and through sheer weight of numbers, these people can make their presence effectively felt. It will be a force which can mould public opinion through the expression of intelligent love (with the emphasis upon the word intelligent) but which will employ no separative devices, no armed force, no coercion and no political scheming and manipulation. Is it not possible so to evoke the spirit of good will, present but oft inactive in the hearts of all men, that there will be such a vast number of men and women of good will in the world - consciously in touch with each other throughout the planet - that their voice will not be negligible, nor their expressed desires impotent? It is this particular method of straightening out the world which the spiritual hierarchy has, at this time, determined to use. It is a somewhat slower method from your point of view, but the effects will be more lasting and it has in it dynamic possibilities. This method is based upon two premises:

  • First, the proven fact of the success of the work which Christ instituted. He came to demonstrate in His Own Person the love of God. Prior to His time, there was little expression of that love objective in the world and little philanthropy or sense of responsibility for one's brother extant.
  • Secondly: it is a method which has in it a long range success, and yet which can have, at the same time, an immediate reaction. This success and this reaction are dependent upon all of you who are aware of these facts and set in to do the desired work.

The New Group of World Servers provides a channel through which the power of God, focused in the Planetary Brotherhood, can flow and that power is not intended (as is sometimes necessary under the evolutionary plan) to be destructive. The destructive forces of the planet are doing [743] their directed and needed work, but the effects must be balanced and offset by the work of the World Servers. The power to be released can and will heal humanity's wounds and will bind all men together in a planned synthesis.

As you know, the New Group of World Servers has its members in every land. A vast number are known. They are practical intelligent people, not visionary idealistic mystics, working towards an object which may appear inaccessible, but towards one which is capable of immediate and practical application. They are talking of understanding and cooperation in all fields of human thought and life, and are emphasizing the future and unavoidable expression of such love - unavoidable under the evolutionary law. It is the next great human development.

Behind, in the distant past of the race, humanity faced such a crisis as is now upon us. The race was then fecundated with intellect, if I may use such a phrase, and the human or fourth kingdom came into being. The great latent power of self-consciousness was born, and men became individuals. Now the race faces another fecundation, this time with Love and the fifth kingdom in nature, the kingdom of God can be born and can function upon the outer world of manifestation. Group consciousness will be seen and the power to identify oneself with the group and not with one's own selfish interests. The New Group of World Servers, standing at a midway point between the spiritual Hierarchy and the world of men, are the agents of this process and can lead men out of the crisis which it has brought about. They are expressions of the intended good will and a leavening force in their environment. They do and say nothing which could increase the existing cleavages among people, races and religions. Let us leave it at that, for it is a simple statement of a simple way to lay the ground for needed changes. [744]

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