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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches
These are some of the forces which are bringing about and constituting the world problem, and with these the Council has had to deal. All these forces are today playing upon humanity, and this whirlpool of energies is sweeping humanity into a period of definitely chaotic destruction, unless the Masters of the Wisdom, working through the New Group of World Servers in both its divisions, can arrest the process and bring order into a distressed and agonizing world.

Therefore, the May full moon Council of 1937 was one of real import and of vital significance. Just as the full moon of May, 1936, saw an effort of the Masters and of the world of disciples to approach nearer to each other and thus establish a closer rapport, so the full moon of May, 1937, witnessed the laying down of certain lines of activity which, if rightly [724] apprehended, and worked out into physical manifestation, could definitely change the present exoteric world situation. It also saw the restimulation of the New Group of World Servers, so that their group integration might constantly become more effective, and the personal lives of the group members become definitely more consecrated, more dedicated to humanity, and more influential in service. At the full moon of May, 1936, there was in evidence an inner, subjective, spiritual effort. This was definitely successful. The full moon of May, 1937, saw the establishing and the stabilizing of the exoteric outer effect, of which the earlier effort was naturally and automatically the cause. Yet the problem remains ever the same: - can the inner condition, spiritual, potential, idealistic, subjective and sensed, be so clearly formulated and considered that nothing whatever can stop its materializing through the medium of some constructive and living form upon the physical plane? Can the inner integration of the New Group of World Servers find exoteric expression?

A prolonged period of such moments and points of danger can, nevertheless, in itself constitute a momentous crisis. The fanning of the hot embers (if persisted in long enough) must eventually bring about a conflagration. What then can be done to institute those arrangements and outer understandings (based on the inner inspiration) which will end this cycle of danger points, and permit the racial consciousness to subside into a period of quiet and of freedom?

The Hierarchy is doing all that is possible, but under the plan of unfoldment for the Aryan Race, the activity needed for the creative work must be inaugurated and carried forward by disciples, working in the outer world and by aspirants to the path of discipleship, who register the world need and earnestly seek to cooperate. This is, therefore, a matter [725] for our consideration and for clear and skillful action in the immediate future.

As one contemplates the New Group of World Servers in its many departments - scattered all over the world and embracing the true and earnest seekers in every nation - there can be seen a body of men and women whose numbers and spheres of influence are entirely adequate to bring about the desired changes, if they care enough, are ready enough to make the needed sacrifices, and are willing to sink their organization differences in the needed activity which would salvage the world, educate the race in a few simple and basic essentials, and so cooperate with each other that there would emerge a united inner movement - working out through the separated outer groups.

The Hierarchy held its Council during the week of the full moon of May, 1937. It could and did lay its plans for the helping of humanity. It could, and did mobilize and bring together every possible subjective agency and form of available energy for the stimulating of the human consciousness along right lines. It could, and did impress upon the disciples and aspirants everywhere the necessity of renewed and fresh efforts. But the development and actual functioning of the plans laid down and the actual working out into detailed expression of the intended ameliorative measures must be carried out by the New Group of World Servers, and by the men of good will throughout the world. Only by the united effort of the people of peaceful intention and of innate freedom from hatred can the forces of destruction be offset. These forces have been needed and useful, but the task they were intended to carry out has been accomplished, and that which is no longer required becomes, in its turn, a menace and a source of trouble. [726]

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