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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
What we are seeking to do is to carry forward a group endeavor which is of such moment that, it the right time, it will produce, in its growing momentum, such a potent magnetic impulse that it will reach those Lives Who brood over humanity and our civilization, and Who work through the Masters of the Wisdom and the assembled Hierarchy. This group endeavor will call forth from Them a responsive magnetic impulse which will bring together, through the medium of the aspiring group, the over-shadowing beneficent Forces. Through the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (who constitute subjectively One group) light and inspiration and spiritual revelation can be released in such a flood of power that it will work definite changes in the human consciousness and ameliorate conditions in this needy world. It will open men's eyes to the basic realities, which are as yet only dimly sensed by the thinking public. Then humanity itself will apply the necessary correctives, believing it can do so in the strength of its own sensed wisdom and strength; yet all the time, behind the scenes, stand the grouped world aspirants, working silently, in unison with each other and the Hierarchy, and thus keeping the channel open through which the needed wisdom, strength and love can flow.

There are, therefore, to be found in this great task the following relations and groupings. These must be considered and are as follows:

  1. The Forces of Light and the Spirit of Peace, embodied Lives of tremendous group potency.
  2. The Planetary Hierarchy.
  3. The Buddha. [699]
  4. The Christ.
  5. The New Group of World Servers.
  6. Humanity.

You will note that the Buddha focuses in Himself the downpouring forces, whilst the Christ focuses in Himself the outgoing demand and the spiritual aspiration of the entire planet. This makes a planetary alignment of great potency. Should the needed work be accomplished at the Wesak Festivals, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of the New Group of World Servers.

In this tabulation, I have portrayed for you a little of what is implied in the words "The Law of Polar Union". The whole process concerns consciousness, and the results are to work out in consciousness, with the subsequent physical plane happenings, dependent upon the conscious realization of the men of good will in, or out of, the New Group of World Servers.

Carried forward successfully and intelligently, it should be possible to inaugurate a new relation between the Hierarchy and mankind. This effort could, and let us hope it will, mark the beginning of a new type of mediator work, - a work carried forward this time by a salvaging group of Servers, who are in training for the establishing of that group which will eventually save the world. This mediator work involves the recognition of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, and with a desire to understand it, and to cooperate with Those Who wield it. Through its medium and the right understanding of the Law, it should be possible to establish the needed union between souls, who are in themselves the symbol of the Soul in all forms, and souls in prison. Much of the success of this endeavor will depend upon the intellectual grasp of the [700] members of the New Group of World Servers of the implied technique. It will depend also upon their willingness to accept the idea of the opportunity present each full moon period, and also upon their readiness to work along the indicated lines. As yet they have no guarantee as to the accuracy of the claims regarding the importance of the full moon period, nor have they any personal knowledge of the situation as outlined. Some do not even know that there is a watching Hierarchy, but they are consecrated and selfless souls, and as such, belong to the New Group of World Servers. If they can aspire, pray, meditate and serve, focusing in unison with all other servers at the time of the May full moon, the salvaging of humanity can go forward with much greater speed than heretofore, and the results will be appreciably apparent.

For the individual disciple, the significance of this Law of Magnetic Impulse and the corresponding relationships in his own life, might also be tabulated:

  1. The world of souls on the higher mental levels.
  2. The Master of his group.
  3. The solar angel.
  4. The aspiring disciple on the lower mental levels.
  5. The personality, integrated and often troublesome.
  6. The aspirant's environing associates.

It is useful for students to have these analogies in mind, for they can often arrive at release from the limitations of their lives and true comprehension of the larger issues, when they see that their little unimportant lives are only the reflection of greater and more important factors.

It is wise always to remember that on the plane of soul existence there is no separation, no "my soul and thy soul". It is only in the three worlds of illusion and maya that we [701] think in terms of souls and bodies. This is an occult platitude and well known to you, but the re-emphasis of the well known truth may eventually bring home to you its exactitude.

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