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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter III - Humanity Today - The New Group of World Servers
In your effort to help the world at this time there are three things of a practical nature that can be done. I touch not upon the task of preparation which each one of you, as an individual, will carry on within yourselves. Purification, sacrifice, clear thinking, and an increased sensitivity must be actively desired and worked for by each of you, alone in the secret place of your own heart. The arranging of your affairs so that the week of the full moon can yield to you the fullest opportunity to cooperate must be your effort, and the use of a sane judgment and the expression of a real skill in action must be your attempted demonstration, as you seek to awaken your immediate circle to the importance of the moment. This I take for granted. I speak here of the general effort that you can make. This falls into three categories:
  1. The active instruction and mobilizing of the known aspirants and disciples of the world, no matter in what group they work, so that they may make due preparation, working in their own groups as they see fit.
  2. The call to participate of all who can be reached advising them of the day of opportunity, mobilizing them for a vast world effort to arouse afresh a spirit of good will, and calling for a united use of the Great Invocation on the day of the Wesak full moon. Every possible effort must be made by the workers in every country to increase the numbers of those who use this Invocation, and to familiarize the public with the ideals for which the New Group of World Servers stands. All whom you can reach in the countries of the world must be instructed and helped to spread the use of the Invocation in their own language, and with the wording that [693] will make it acceptable, and a widespread effort must be made to organize its simultaneous use on the day of the May full moon. Those who use it must be instructed to say the words aloud, thus making a volume of sound of real potency, and they must say it with all the power of their wills behind it. It is the invocation of the "will to good" that is the objective of the Forces Who can aid at this time. This realization is of paramount importance.
  3. The arranging of public meetings on as large a scale as possible, to be held on the day of the full moon of May. I mean by this that meetings should be held for the public at some time during the eighteen hours which precede and include the time of the full moon. The exact hour is immaterial, provided as many people as possible participate at some time during the preceding eighteen hours, thus laying the foundation for and aiding in the work which will take place at the time of the full moon. Those aspirants who can arrange to do so must, however, arrange to be in meditation, in group formation if possible, at the exact time, and their work will then be to capitalize on the energy then available, and to take advantage of the vortex of force generated earlier at the public meetings, and so throw the weight of the public demand for peace and light on the side of the effort of the Hierarchy.

The way in which these three objectives must be brought about, and the world be swept into an organized effort for world peace and cooperation, is to be decided upon by the exigencies of the time, the necessities of the occasion, and the varying circumstances of place, country and environing conditions. [694]

The representatives of the various Units of Service in the different countries must be called upon to cooperate, and may receive this instruction in the cases where you know them and their interests. It is the general, widespread and intelligent use of the Great Invocation which is desired. The general public must be urged, through all possible agencies, to employ it. The radio, the press, must all be utilized, and all men of good will must be contacted, even if unenlightened from the occult angle, and even if they do not realize the guiding presence of the Hierarchy and the opportunity now offered by the united effort of the Buddha and the Christ.

Let all who seek to help consider with care what they can do and what is the contribution which they can make. Let them weigh up, after due thought, what they can sacrifice, and in what manner they can submerge their normally selfish personalities in this great "push" on the part of the Hierarchy, of the New Group of World Servers, and of the men of good will throughout the world. The barriers which separate man from man and nation from nation can go down. The spirit of peace can become so potent that naturally and sweetly the necessary adjustments can be made. The illumination of men's minds and the renewed organization of man's efforts to brotherhood can be stimulated into fresh and increased activity.

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