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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
An incidental difficulty is sometimes found when the "doorway out into the other worlds" is discovered and becomes, not a door for rightful and proper use, but a way of escape from the difficulties of life and a short cut out of conscious physical experience. The connection then between the mystic and his physical vehicle becomes less and less firmly established and the link gets looser and looser until the man spends most of his time out of his body in a condition of semi-trance or a deep sleep condition.

Students should make no effort to see the light in the head, but when it is sensed and seen - then there should be a careful regulation and registration of it. Second ray types will respond to this phenomenon more easily and more frequently than first or third ray types. First ray people will register the inflow of force and power with facility and will discover that their problem lies in the control and the right direction of such energies.

Much of the present impasse to be found in the personalities of the aspirants of the world is due to the fact that the light that is in them remains undirected and the power that is flowing through them remains unused or misapplied. Much of the physical blindness and the poor sight to be found in the world today (unless the result of accident) is due to the presence of the light of the head - unrecognized and unused - and thus producing or exciting a definite effect upon the eyes and upon the optic nerve. Technically speaking, the light of the soul - localized in the region of the pineal gland - works through and would be directed through the right eye which is (as you have been told) the organ of the buddhi, [611] whilst the light of the personality - localized in the region of the pituitary body - functions through the left eye. The time has not yet come when this statement means much except to very advanced students, but it should be on record for the future use of disciples and aspirants.

I would also like to point out that one of the difficulties today is that the light of the personality is more active within the head than is the light of the soul and that it has far more of the quality of burning than has soul light. The effect of the soul light is stimulating and occultly cool. It brings the brain cells into functioning activity, evoking response from cells at present quiescent and unawakened. It is as these cells are brought into activity by the inflow of the light of the soul that genius appears, accompanied often by some lack of balance or control in certain directions.

This whole subject of light and power is of so vast a nature and is relatively so little understood in its true significance as an expression (in dual form) of energy which flows upward from the personality and downward from the soul that it is only as more and more people tread the Path that the problem will emerge in its true light and thus eventually be handled rightly. I will refer here briefly to some of the problems so as to provide the germ or seed of thought from which future study can grow and the future investigation arise. They might be summarized as follows:

  1. The theme of light and energy is closely connected with the problem (for such it is at this time) of the entire glandular system; it is, therefore, of basic importance that there should be understanding of this relation for it is one of the fundamental things upon which the health of the entire body and its right functioning rests.
  2. When there is a correct grasp of this subject, it will be [612] found that the brain and the two head centers (actuating the pituitary body and the pineal gland) are the directing agents for all the activities of the man upon the physical plane. Today, he is largely directed by his animal instincts, by his sexual life and by his emotional reactions or else by his creative activities as they express themselves through the throat center. A few - very few - of his activities are directed from the heart, but eventually men must control their life expression from the head via the dual organs of the soul and the personality - the ajna center, working through the pituitary body and expressing the personality life at its highest, and the head center, working through the pineal gland, responsive to soul impulse. There will then be balance and right direction of all the life forces and a right development (following ray indications) of all the centers in the body.
  3. Through this right rearrangement of the life forces in the body and their consequent "enlightenment and energizing", men will be enabled to do two things, speaking symbolically:
    1. They will "see God" and be in touch with the soul.
    2. They will "know what is in man" and can then act wisely and work constructively.
  4. They will be able to "pierce the glamor of the astral plane" and proceed to function without error and can thus bring about the unimpeded illumination of the brain and the dissemination of knowledge in the brain.
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