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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
3. Delirium. I use this powerful word with deliberation when dealing with the dangerous and difficult stages of the mystical life. When the delusions of the mystic and his devitalization have gone beyond a certain point, he arrives at a stage where he has no real inner control, he develops the [603] mystical sense to the point where he has no sense of proportion, where the conventions (right or wrong), social training, economic responsibility, human obligations and all the aspects of daily life which integrate the human part into the whole of humanity fail to police the lower nature. His outer expression becomes abnormal and he (from the highest and best sense of values) anti-social. Such an anti-social attitude will range all the way from a relatively usual fanaticism which forces its possessor to see only one point of view out of the many possible, to certain pronounced and recognizable forms of insanity. The mystic is then obsessed by his own peculiar thought-form of truth and of reality. He has only one idea in his head. His mind is not active, for his brain has become the instrument of his astral nature and registers only his fanatical devotion and his emotional obsession. The ajna center swings into activity before there is any true integration of the whole man, and any true useful purpose to its activity.

A period ensues wherein the man expresses himself in many undesirable ways which include a too strenuous one-pointed-ness, real fanaticism, sadistic effort with a supposed spiritual motive, (such as was seen in the Inquisition) and certain forms of mental breakdown. Occultly speaking, "the fiery vision proceeds to burn its victim and thus destroys the thread which holds his mind and brain in friendship close." This burning astral fever necessarily produces an effect upon the physical body as well as on the personality expression, and the trouble can then be recognized by others as real and serious in consequences and effects. Frequently, there is little that can be done; sometimes no attempts to help prove availing. The mystic has, for this one life, done himself irreparable damage. The healing influence of death, and the interlude of the life beyond the physical plane must do their beneficent work before the man can again achieve normality and begin [604] to transmute his Vision of the Good, the Beautiful and the True into working expression upon the plane of daily living; he will then bring his mind to bear upon the problem; he will then discover that the vision is but the reflection of the Plan of God. He will know that the power to personalize aspiration must be transformed into the power to depersonalize oneself, prior to world service and cooperation with the Hierarchy.

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