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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
The psychical difficulties, which eventually are many, fall into three general categories: [583]
  1. Those arising from the premature awakening of the centers. In these cases, the psychic has no control whatsoever over his powers. He simply knows that he sees and hears that which cannot be seen and heard by the average man. His problem is to live consciously and simultaneously upon the physical and astral planes. He cannot stop himself seeing and hearing and his life becomes most complex and complicated. Where there is this premature awakening in the case of the intellectual man, it frequently produces great difficulty, nervous tension, brain disturbance and always misunderstanding from those around. There is many times a definite drift into insanity. In the case of the average unintelligent person, there is usually a shift of the life-emphasis on to the astral plane and away from the physical plane where it is intended that men should express all that is in them. The psychic then lives altogether in the world of glamor and of lower psychic phenomena. What he sees and relates is truly and sincerely what he has noted but there is no interpretative ability. It is seldom of a high order because the psychic is not of a high order of mentality or influence himself.
  2. Those arising out of a loose connection existing between the physical body and the etheric body. This produces the various stages of mediumship, of control by entities of some kind or another, of trance conditions and of many kinds of obsession, temporary or permanent.
    I do not include in this list the work of the materializing mediums, for their work is of a totally different kind and though not so dangerous to the personality of the medium is perhaps still more undesirable. So completely is the medium divorced (as an astral-mental-soul individual) from his physical body that it becomes [584] dominant in its own field (the material) and can absorb - through the many etheric orifices - the stuff of which certain of the lower forms are constituted; it can attract the primitive substance of a low grade which can be built into shape (and often is) by the thought, either of a sitter or of a group of sitters in a so-called "materializing seance". With these the medium is en rapport subconsciously. This is not a telepathic rapport but a solar plexus, a psychic rapport. The subject is too abstruse for elaboration here and this form of mediumship must inevitably be discarded as the evolution of the race proceeds.
  3. Those which are indicative of an exceeding sensitivity to impressions, to conditions and to atmospheres, surrounding the psychic. This sensitivity is of a somewhat inchoate nature and is difficult to define, but it is analogous to the general sense of Touch. There is no part of the human frame which, if it is touched in a certain manner, will not react. So the sensitive will register psychic awareness of a more general nature than that of the defined powers.
    We have consequently:
Physical Psychic Higher Correspondence
a. Hearing Clairaudience This leads eventually to mental telepathy and finally to spiritual knowledge.
b. Sight Clairvoyance This leads eventually to spiritual vision and finally to spiritual identification.
c. Touch Sensitivity This leads eventually to spiritual aspiration and finally to spiritual impressibility.
It might here be pointed out that mystical development and aspiration are the way of escape from the highest aspect of the Atlantean consciousness. This is itself astral in nature. [585]

Occultism and science are the way of escape from the highest expression of the concrete mind, and from the Aryan consciousness, which is mental in nature. Sensitivity or the psychic sense of touch is etheric in nature, is general in expression and must eventually give place to that spiritual impressibility which enables a man, like the Christ, simply to "know" what is in his fellow man and to be aware of his condition and of the condition of life in all forms. It is the first step towards that universal spiritual key of which psychometry is the lowest expression.

In the above paragraph and differentiations I have given you much food for thought and indicated a sequence of unfoldment which is individual, racial and universal.

If we extend these ideas into their planetary connotations (which is interesting but probably quite useless to you) I would add that:

  1. Touch - is the keynote of the evolution proceeding at this time on Venus. It is sensitivity to spiritual impression.
  2. Hearing - is the keynote of the evolution proceeding at this time on Mars. It is spiritual telepathy and knowledge.
  3. Sight - is the keynote of the evolution proceeding at this time on the Earth. It is spiritual vision leading to identification.
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