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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
All this is brought about through the over-activity of the solar plexus center, stimulated by the energy pouring in from the heights he has attained in aspirational meditation. The results are very emotional in their nature, and the reactions developed and the subsequent service rendered are on emotional levels. A great deal of this is to be seen among the teachers in the world at this time in many lands. Such teachers have been and are true aspirants. They have awakened in consciousness upon the higher levels of the astral plane. They have there seen the thought forms which humanity has created of the spiritual Hierarchy or the reflections on those levels of that Hierarchy (a still more potent group of thought forms) and have heard repetitions of that which has been said and thought by the world aspirants of all time - all of it most beautiful, good and true. They then proceed to teach and proclaim what they have thus heard, seen and learnt and frequently do much good - on astral levels. They are, all the same, confusing the reflection with the reality, the reproduction with the original, and the humanly constructed with the divinely created.

Forget not, that the astral plane is that whereon man has [572] to learn to distinguish truth from error, and the real from the unreal. Thus those who are deceived are only learning a needed lesson. The fact of the astral plane is being steadily recognized and that is good. The fact of the existence of the spiritual Hierarchy and of Masters is being brought to the attention of the masses even if it is being done by those who are confusing the reflection and the thought form with the reality.

The question could here properly be asked: How can the mystic avoid this error and confusion? How can he distinguish the real from the illusory? This constitutes an individual problem for every mystic and there is no one profound and scientific rule whereby he can guide his reactions. The only rules which I can give you are so simple that those who are occupied at this time with teaching and proclaiming that which they have astrally contacted may not like to follow them. The attitude of mind which will guard the mystic from astral delusion and error is:

  1. The cultivation of a spirit of true humility. There is a spiritual arrogance which masks itself behind a cloak of humbleness and which is very prevalent at this time. It leads people to regard themselves as the chosen of the Hierarchy to save the world; it leads them to look upon themselves as the mouthpieces of the Masters or of the Christ; it tends to make them separative in their attitudes to other leaders and teachers, refusing to recognize the many aspects of the one work and the many methods which the Mind of God has devised for reaching the masses.
  2. The refusal to accept any contact or message which has personality implications or which sets its recipient apart, thus tending to the development of a Messiah complex. [573] I like that phrase. It is simple and concise and illustrates dramatically the state of mind and describes the assured nature of the consciousness of many of the present teachers of humanity. A true contact with the Hierarchy and the true accolade of service carries with it the conviction of the existence of the many servers in the one Service, of the many messengers carrying the one message, of the many teachers of the many aspects of the one Truth, and of the many and various ways back to the Heart of God. When this all-embracing revelation accompanies the call to service, then the spirit of inclusiveness is developed and the man can be sure that he is truly called to cooperate and convinced of the reality of his vision.
  3. The freedom from emotional appeal. The true disciple and mystic is ever mentally polarized. His vision is free from the deluding reactions of the solar plexus center. His vision awakens the heart center and evokes the response of his personality energy (focused in the ajna center) and produces eventually a "centering in the place of light". This indicates the growing activity of the head center. He may, later, use controlled emotional appeal in dealing with the masses but he himself seeks to remain free from all emotional control.
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