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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
True telepathy, however, is a direct mental communication from mind to mind and in its more advanced expression is a communication of soul to soul, using the mind later as a formulator of the communication, as in the case of inspiration. It is interesting to note (and instructive also in view of our subject) that in true telepathic registration, the lesser powers may be raised and used at a high level of awareness. It is well known esoterically that
  1. Some people simply record telepathically in their minds the information coming from another mind. The registration as well as the communication is wordless and formless. The recipient simply knows and the imparted knowledge takes form in the consciousness without any intermediate stages or steps. This is formless telepathy.
  2. Other people instantaneously step down into form the knowledge which has been imparted; they will see the message, word or information appear before their eyes in written or printed form as if it were imposed upon a moving screen, seen within the head.
  3. Others will step the information down into form whereby they hear it.

In these two latter cases, the true man is making use of his latent lower powers, raising them to as high a level as possible and subordinating them to mental or soul uses. The difference [567] between this usage of the power of clairvoyant and clairaudient demonstration is that in this case there is full mental control and understanding, and in the other cases the lower powers are automatically employed, are uncontrolled, are occupied with matters of no true importance and are not understood in any way by the one who is employing them.

The one basic sense, as you well know, is that of touch. This is the reason why I have not placed psychometry in any particular category in my tabulation of the instincts, senses and powers. Psychometry is essentially the capacity to work with and to get in touch with the soul of the higher grouping to which the unit in the lower grouping aspires, and with the soul that can thus aspire in any form. It concerns, in reality, the "measure" of inclusiveness. This measure will govern, for instance, the relation of the dog or other domesticated animal to a human being, of a man to other men, and of an aspirant to his soul, his master and his group. When this psychometrical inclusiveness is turned towards the world of tangible things - minerals, possessions and other material objects, for instance - we tend to make a magical performance out of it, and to charge money for the demonstration of psychometrical power. We then call this the science of psychometry. Yet it is the same power, turned towards the lower kingdoms as is employed in making contact with the higher. There are three groups of people who use the lower psychic powers, either consciously or unconsciously:

  1. Those whose evolutionary stage is low enough to permit of their automatic use.
  2. Those who have brought over the capacity to see and hear on astral levels or to "work magic" from another life - from Atlantean times. These powers are natural to them, but are usually neither understood nor controlled by [568] knowledge and they usually make their owner a victim or an exploiter of these powers.
  3. The mystic upon the path of vision who (through the bringing in of energy from the soul through meditation and aspiration) stimulates the solar plexus or throat centers and thus opens a door on to the astral plane.

In all cases, it is the astral plane which stands revealed. The statement can here be made that where there is color, form and phenomena analogous to or a replica of that to be found upon the physical plane then there is to be seen the "duplicating phenomena" of the astral plane. Where there is materialization of forms upon the physical plane you see the joint activity of the astral and etheric planes. You do not have the phenomena of the mental or soul levels. Bear this definitely in mind. The astral plane is - in time and space and to all intents and purposes - a state of real being plus a world of illusory forms, created by man himself and by his imaginative creativity. One of the major lessons to be learnt upon the Path of Discipleship is to learn to distinguish that which is real from that which is illusion.

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