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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
1. The intense activity of the sacral center will often produce diseases and physiological abnormalities, connected with the organs of reproduction (both male and female). These difficulties are of two kinds:
  1. Those to which normal humanity is prone and which are well known to the physician, surgeon and psychologist.
  2. Those which are the result of over-stimulation, through the successful effort of the mystic to bring in energy [551] from the higher centers and from sources outside the human frame altogether.

2. In all cases of transference, the intense activity produced will cause all kinds of tensions and reactions, resulting in congestions, inflammations and diseases of the organs vitalized. This is particularly the case today in relation to the sacral and solar plexus centers. The glands - major and minor, endocrine and lymphatic - in the abdominal area are powerfully affected and through their hypersensitivity or their "deficiency through abstraction" (as it is esoterically called) they constitute a fruitful source of difficulty.

3. The activity of the solar plexus center at this time, which is a result of this transference, produces the abnormal tension which characterizes the race. This tension, with the average man, controls the intestinal tract and its connections, both above and below the diaphragm. With the advanced man, it produces tension in the higher centers, definitely affecting the heart and the vagus nerve. It should be pointed out that many of the diseases inherent in the racial form to which planetary disease predisposes the human being are brought into activity as the result of the stimulation of the solar plexus. As humanity becomes less astral in its consciousness and the solar plexus, therefore, becomes less active and less dominating, these forms of difficulty, will die out. As the heart centers and the higher centers assume control, such diseases as cancer, tuberculosis and the various syphilitic complaints (due to the age old activity of the sacral center) will gradually die out.

4. The activity of the heart center as it

  1. Magnetically attracts the energies out of the solar plexus, [552]
  2. Becomes involved in a reciprocal interplay with the solar plexus, is a fruitful source of nervous trouble to the mystic and advanced aspirant. The heart center powerfully affects the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system with all that that involves and we are only today beginning to understand and deal with these difficulties. Clarification will come once the premise of the existence of the centers and their three "activities of interplay" are admitted - even if only as a possible hypothesis. The little understood thymus gland holds the key to much that concerns the activity and control of the vagus nerve - a fact not yet generally recognized. Later, a carefully controlled process with the object of stimulating the thymus gland and its secretion will be worked out by the medical profession, leading to a much better functioning of the nervous system and of the vagus nerve which controls it. I can but hint at possibilities at present because the basic premise of the existence of the centers of force is not yet recognized. It is interesting to note, however, that the solar plexus (as a great nerve center) is recognized and this is due to the fact that the bulk of humanity is, at this time, transferring force to that center. It is, for the masses, the major recipient of forces, both from below the diaphragm, from above, and from the environment.

5. The activity of the throat center is steadily increasing today, owing to the creative activity and the inventive genius (which brings in the higher stimulation) and the idealistic conceptions of the intelligentsia of the world. This activity is responsible physiologically for many of the diseases of the respiratory tract. Energy is carried to the throat but is not adequately used and there is a [553] consequent congestion and similar consequences. But, curiously enough, a great many of the difficulties connected with the entire breathing apparatus are related to group conditions. These I will touch upon later. Today, the concentration of energy is producing serious effects upon that master gland, the thyroid gland. These effects disturb the balance of the physical body and involve also the parathyroid glands. The metabolism of the body is upset bringing attendant difficulties. The race is advancing so rapidly in its development that this center will soon compete with the solar plexus center for the position of being the most important center and the major clearing house in the human body. I would commend this statement to your careful consideration for it carries with it much of encouragement. It indicates, nevertheless, much physiological change and many problems and above everything else much psychological difficulty.

6. The activity of the ajna center will increase a great deal during the coming century, bringing with it its own attendant problems. Its close relation to the pituitary body and the growing interplay between

  1. The ajna center and the pituitary body
  2. The center at the top of the head (involving the pineal gland) and the ajna center

will produce serious problems connected with the brain and the eyes. The ajna center focuses the abstracted energy of the five centers up the spine and is the seat of personality power. According to the use made of that power and according to the direction of the force sent forth throughout the body by the directed, integrated personality, so will the organs of the body be affected. The solar plexus can be stimulated from that center with [554] disastrous effects; the heart center can be swept into undue activity by the imposition of personality force, and its energy deflected downwards in a focused selfish manner; the solar plexus can be so over-vitalized that all the forces of the personality can be turned downwards and subverted to purely selfish and separative ends, thus producing a powerful personality, but - at the same time - the temporary suspension of the spiritual life of the man. When this suspension takes place, all the forces of the body which have been "elevated" are driven downwards again, putting the man en rapport with the rank and file of humanity who are working through the lower centers; this tends to produce an immense personality success. It is interesting to note that when this takes place, the energies - concentrated in the ajna center - sweep down into the solar plexus or into the sacral center, and seldom to the heart center. The heart center has a power all its own to produce what is called "occult isolation", because it is the seat of the life principle. The throat center receives stimulation in this case but seldom to the point of difficulty. The man is a powerful creative thinker, selfishly polarized and with an emotional solar plexus contact with the masses. He frequently also has a strong sexual complex in some form or another.

7. The activity of the head center is as yet little known and there is little that I can profitably say about it, for I would not be credited with speaking the truth. This center is the central factor in human life, but the focalization of the lower and the higher bodily forces is not yet located there. Beyond producing hypertension (becoming so prevalent today among the more advanced people of the world) and certain forms of brain trouble and nervous disorders, its power is mostly seen in its [555] pronounced psychological effects. With these I shall proceed to deal as we consider the unfoldment of the psychic powers, the evolution of the mystical vision and the revelation of the light and of power. This center controls the pineal gland and consequently certain areas of the brain. Indirectly also, the vagus nerve is affected. Consciousness and life, sensitivity and directed purpose are the great energies which express themselves through this center, for consciousness is a form of energy, as well you know, and life is energy itself.

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