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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Problems of Disciples and Mystics
There are, consequently, two points to be borne in mind as we study the mystic and his difficulties; first of all, the period of awakening and subsequent utilization of the centers and, secondly, the period of the transference of energy from the solar plexus to the heart, and then from all the four centers up the spine to the throat center, prior to the focusing of the energy of all the centers in the ajna center (between the eye brows). This center is the controlling one in the personality life and from it goes all personality direction and guidance to the five lower centers which it synthesizes. Each of these stages brings with it its own difficulties and problems. We shall, how ever, concern ourselves with these problems only as they affect present opportunity or hinder the man who finds himself upon the Path and is, therefore, taking his own evolution in hand. Then he stands "midway between the pairs of opposites" and this means (as far as our particular interest at this time is concerned) that we shall find three stages in the mystical work, each of which will mark a definite point of crisis, with its attendant tests and trials:
  1. The stage wherein transference is made of all the lower [528] energies into the solar plexus, preparatory to carrying them to the throat and heart centers above the diaphragm. This stage covers not only the process of transference but also that of focusing the forces in the higher centers.
    • Period - The later stages of the Path of Probation and the early stages of the Path of Discipleship.
    • Keynote - Discipline.
    • Objective - Idealism, plus personality effort. Purification and control.
  2. The stage wherein transference is made into the ajna center and the personality life becomes integrated and powerful.
    • Period - The later stages of the Path of Discipleship and up till the time of the third initiation.
    • Keynote - Expression of the soul, through the medium of the personality.
    • Objective - The understanding of the Plan and consequent cooperation with it.

Then comes the third and final stage with which we need not concern ourselves wherein there is a complete blending of the bodily forces (focused through the ajna center) with the Soul forces, (focused through the head center). It is at this time that there comes the final evocation of the personality will (purified and consecrated) which has been "sleeping, coiled like the serpent of wisdom" at the base of the spine; this surges upward on the impulse of devotion, aspiration and enlightened will and thus fuses itself in the head with the spiritual will. This is the final raising, by an act of discriminating determination, of the kundalini fire. This, raising takes place in three stages, or impulses: [529]

  1. The stage wherein the lower energies are carried to the solar plexus center.
  2. The stage wherein these energies, pouring through to the heart, are blended with it and carried to the throat.
  3. The stage wherein all the five lower forms of energy are focused in the ajna center in the head.

Students might here ask: Are there any other energies below the diaphragm, except those of the sacral center and those focused in the center at the base of the spine which are carried up to the ajna center via the solar plexus center? There are quite a large number of lesser centers and their energies, but I am not specifying them in detail for the sake of clarity; we shall deal here only with the major centers and their effects and interrelations. The subject is abstruse and difficult in any case without our complicating it unduly. There are energies, for instance, pouring into the spleen from planetary sources as well as into two small centers situated close to the kidneys, one on either side, besides several others and these forces must all be understood, transmuted, transformed and transferred. It is interesting to note that the two little centers close to the kidneys are related to the lower levels of the astral plane and let loose into the system much of the fear, etc., which is the distinguishing factor in those subplanes. They are, therefore, found close to the center which can control them because even the modern endocrinologist knows that the adrenal glands, when stimulated, produce (as a psychological result of a physical happening) an access of courage and a form of directed will which enables achievements to be carried out that are, at other time, well-nigh impossible.

I would like here to point out that the statement so frequently made in occult books that "kundalini sleeps" is only partially true. The center at the base of the spine is subject to [530] the same rhythmic life as are the other centers. The specific period wherein "kundalini awakes" refers to that period wherein the "point at the center" becomes vibrant, potent and active: its forces can then penetrate throughout the entire spinal area until the highest head center is reached. This, however, would not be possible had there not been three earlier "uprisings of the latent force of will". These uprisings serve to clear the passage up the spine, penetrating and destroying the etheric web which separates each center and the area it controls from the next above.

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