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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
I would like to pause here and point out two things which should be borne in mind:

First: that many people are today living in the Atlantean state of awareness, in the Atlantean consciousness and for them the expression of these lower psychic powers is normal, though undesirable. For the man who is a mental type or who is overcoming gradually the psychic nature, these powers are abnormal (or should I say subnormal?) and most undesirable. In this discussion with which we are now engaged, I am not dealing with the man with the Atlantean consciousness but [477] with the modern aspirant. For him to develop the previous racial consciousness and to revert to the lower type of development (which should have been left far behind) is dangerous and retarding. It is a form of atavistic expression.

Secondly: that when a man is firmly polarized upon the mental plane, when he has achieved some measure of contact with the soul, and when his entire orientation is towards the world of spiritual realities and his life is one of discipline and service, then, at times, and when necessary, he can at will call into use these lower psychic powers in the service of the Plan and in order to do some special work upon the astral plane. But this is a case where the greater consciousness includes normally the lesser consciousness. This is however seldom done even by the adepts, for the powers of the soul - spiritual perception, telepathic sensitivity and psychometrical facility - are usually adequate to the demand and the need to be met. I interject these remarks, as there are some enlightened men who use these powers, but it is always along the line of some specific service to the Hierarchy and humanity, and not along any line connected with the individual.

When a man has wandered into the bypaths of the astral plane, and has left the secure place of mental poise and intellectual altitude (again I am speaking symbolically) when he has succumbed to glamor and illusion (usually being quite sincerely deceived and well-intentioned) and when he has unfolded in himself - through misapplied stimulation and experiment - old habits of contact, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, what can he do, or what shall be done to him to bring about right conditions?

Many of these people find their way into the hands of psychologists and psychiatrists; many are to be found today in our sanitariums and asylums, placed there because they "saw things" or heard voices, or dreamed dreams, and because [478] they had unfitted themselves for normal living. They appear to be a danger, both to themselves and to others. They constitute a problem and a difficulty. The ancient habits must be dropped, but because of their antiquity they are very powerful, and to drop them is easier said than done. The practices whereby the lower psychic powers have been developed must be given up. If these faculties of response to an environing astral world appear to have been developed with no difficulty and to be natural to the man, they should nevertheless be discontinued and the avenues of approach to this lower world of phenomena should be closed. If human beings make so poor a success of living consciously on the physical plane and in handling the phenomena there contacted, and if the life of mental attention and mental living is still so difficult to the vast majority, why complicate the problem by trying to live in a world of phenomena which is admittedly the most powerful at this time?

The task of release from the thralldom of astral sensitivity is unique and stupendous. The details of the method whereby it can be done are too numerous for us to consider them here. But certain words hold the keynotes of release and three basic suggestions will aid the psychologist in dealing with these types of difficulty. The words which hold the secret are:

  1. Instruction.
  2. Focus of attention.
  3. Occupation.

The nature of the human response apparatus in the three worlds should be carefully explained to the man who is in difficulty and the distinction between the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Caucasian consciousness should be made clear to him, if possible. His pride of place upon the ladder of [479] evolution should be evoked at this point again, if possible, and it will prove a constructive evocation. The effort to focus his attention should be progressively and sympathetically attempted. According to his type so will the effort be directed to focusing his attention and directing his interest upon the physical plane or the mental plane, thus directing it away from the intermediate plane. Definite physical or mental occupation (again arranged according to type) should be arranged and the man forced to occupy himself in some chosen manner.

The three suggestions I would make to the psychologist or the mental healer are:

  1. Study with care the nature of the rays which presumably constitute the man's nature and provide the forces and energies which make him what he is. I have worded this with care.
  2. Determine which of the vehicles of contact is the most powerful, best organized and well developed. It will indicate through which forms the life expression in this particular incarnation is flowing.
  3. Investigate the physical condition with care, and where it needs attention see that due care is given. At the same time, take note of the glandular equipment, studying it from the standpoint of its relation to the seven major centers in the body. In many cases, the glands indicate the condition of the centers. Thus an understanding of the force system of the patient will take place.

The Science of the Centers is yet in its infancy, as is the Science of the Rays and the Science of Astrology. But much is being learned and developed along these three lines and when the present barriers are down and true scientific investigation is instituted along these lines, a new era will begin for the human being. These three sciences will constitute the [480] three major departments of the Science of Psychology in the New Age, plus the contributions of modern psychology and the insight into the nature of man (particularly the physical nature) which it has so wonderfully developed.

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