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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
These people fall into three groups and it would be wise for students of psychology to study these types with care, for there is going to be an increasing number of them, because humanity is shifting its focus of attention more and more on to the mental plane:
  1. Those who remain mentally introverted, and profoundly and deeply preoccupied with their self-created thought forms and with their created world of thought, centered around the one dynamic thought form they have built. These people work always towards a crisis and it is interesting to note that this crisis may be interpreted by the world
    1. As the revelation of a genius, such as emerges when some great scientist unfolds to us the conclusions of his focused attention and period of thought. [461]
    2. As the effort of a man to express himself along some creative line.
    3. As the violent and often dangerous expressions of frustration in which the man attempts to release the results of his inner brooding along the chosen line.
      These all vary in expression, because of the original equipment with which the man began his life of thought upon the mental plane. In the first case, you have genius; in the other (if paralleled by a rich emotional nature) you will have some creative imaginative production, and in the third case, you will have what will be regarded by the world as insanity, curable in time and not permanent in its effects, provided some form of creative imaginative emotional release is provided. This is often the struggle point of the 2nd, the 4th and the 6th ray personality.
  2. Those who become amazingly self-conscious and aware of themselves as centers of thought. They are obsessed with their own wisdom, their power and their creative capacity. They pass rapidly into a state of complete isolation or separateness. This can lead to acute megalomania, to an intense preoccupation with and an admiring satisfaction with the self, the lower self, the personality. The emotional, feeling, desire nature is utterly under the control of the dynamic self-centered point of thought which is all of which the man is aware at this time. Consequently, the brain and all the physical plane activities are equally controlled and directed towards the planned aggrandizement of the man. This condition is found in varying degrees, according to the point in evolution and the ray type, and - in the early stages - it is curable. If it is persisted in, however, it makes the man eventually untouchable, for he becomes entrenched in a [462] rampart of his own thought forms concerning himself and his activities. When curable, the effort should be made to decentralize the subject by the evocation of another and higher interest, by the development of the social consciousness and - if possible - by contact with the soul. This condition is often the struggle point of the first, and fifth ray personalities.
  3. Those who become strongly extroverted by the desire to impose the conclusions they have reached (through their one-pointed mental focus) upon their fellow men. This constitutes quite often the crux of the difficulty for the third and sixth ray people. These people will be found ranging in consciousness all the way from the well-meaning theologian and dogmatic doctrinaire, found in practically all schools of thought, to the fanatic who makes life a burden to all around him as he seeks to impose his views upon them, and the maniac who becomes so obsessed with his vision that, for the protection of society, he must be locked away.

It will be obvious to you, therefore, how promising the outlook can be if educators and psychologists (particularly those who specialize in the training of young people) would teach them the needed care in the balancing of values, in the vision of the whole, and in the nature of the contribution which the many aspects and attitudes make to the whole. This is of profound usefulness at the time of adolescence when so many difficult adjustments require to be made. It is too late to do this usually when a person is of adult years and has for a long period of time constructed his thought forms and brooded over them until he is so identified with them that he has really no independent existence. The shattering of such a thought form or of a group of thought forms which are holding any [463] man in bondage can result in such serious conditions that suicide, prolonged illness or a life rendered futile through frustration can eventuate.

Only two things can really help:

  • First, the steady, loving presentation of a wider vision, which must be held before the man's eyes by some one who is so inclusive that understanding is the keynote of his life, or, secondly, by the action of a man's own soul. The first method takes much time and patience.
  • The second method may be instantaneous in its effects, as in conversion, or it may be a gradual breaking down of the walls of thought by means of which a man has separated himself off from the rest of the world and from his fellowmen. The trumpets of the Lord, the soul, can sound forth and cause the walls of Jericho to fall. This task of evoking soul action of a dynamic character on behalf of an imprisoned personality, impregnably surrounded by a wall of mental matter, will constitute a part of the science of psychology which the future will see developed.
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