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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
Major Energies
  • Egoic energy - Ray 1.
    The energy of will or power.
  • Personality energy - Ray 4.
    The energy of harmony through conflict. [443]

Minor Energies

  • Mental energy - Ray 3.
    The energy of intelligence.
  • Astral energy - Ray 6.
    The energy of devotion. Idealism.
  • Physical energy - Ray 1.
    The energy of will or power.

Here we have a fivefold field of energy in which all factors are active except the energy of the ego or soul. They have been definitely fused. There is at the same time a growing awareness of the need for a still higher or more inclusive fusion and the establishing of a definite relation with the soul. The process has been as follows: First, the man was simply an animal, aware only of physical energy. Then he began to include within his field of awareness the emotional nature, with its desires, demands and sensitive reactions. Next, he discovered himself as a mind, and mental energy proceeded to complicate his problem. Finally, he arrived at the life expression we are hypothetically considering in which he has (and this is the point of real interest).

  1. A first ray physical body, with a brain dominated and controlled by a third ray mind. This means capacity for intellectual achievement of a very varied kind.
  2. An emotional nature which, being governed by sixth ray energy, can be rapidly swung into fanatical orientations and is easily idealistic.
  3. The whole problem is further complicated by the rapidly emerging fourth ray energies of the personality. This means that the personality goal is the achievement of harmony, unity and skill in living, through an intensity of conflict, waged within [444] the fourfold field of energy which constitutes the lower self.

You will, therefore, have a man who is ambitious for power, but with right motive, because he is truly idealistic; who will fight intelligently to achieve it, but will fight fanatically to bring about these ends because his fourth ray personality and sixth ray astral body will force him to do so, and his first ray body and brain will enable him to put up a strong fight. At the same time, his first ray soul energy is seeking to dominate, and will eventually do so through the medium of third ray mental energy, influencing the first ray brain. The first result of soul influence will be an intensification of every thing in the personality. The trouble will be localized in the mental body or in the brain and can range all the way down from idée fixe and mental crystallization to insanity (if the stimulation becomes unduly powerful or the heredity is not good.) He can express arrogant success in his chosen field of work, which will make him a dominant and unpleasant person, or he can express the fluidity of the third ray mind which will make him a scheming manipulator or a fighter for immense schemes which can never really materialize. In this analysis I have not considered the tendencies evoked in past lives and lying hidden in the subconscious, or his heredity and environment. I have simply sought to show one thing: that the conflict of energies within a man can produce serious situations. But most of them can be corrected through right understanding.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, that one of the first studies to be made in this new approach to the psychological field will be to discover:

  1. Which rays, major and minor, are conditioning and [445] determining the nature of the man, and evoking the quality of his daily life.
  2. Which of these five energies is (at the time of the difficulty) the most dominant, and through which body or vehicle it is focused.
  3. Which of these ray energies is struggling against the imposed dominance, mentioned above. These can be either:
    1. Varying aspects of the same energy within their own particular field.
    2. Higher energies which are endeavoring to control the lower energies and therefore indicating a cleavage in the man's nature.
    3. The energy of the fusion process itself, which unifies the lower energies into one functioning personality.
    4. The adjustment of the bridging process between the two major energies. This will result in the at-one-ment of soul and of the personality.

These constitute the larger areas of difficulty, and in each of these fields of conflicting energies there are lesser centers of conflict. These are frequently brought about by environing circumstances and events.

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