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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
If the above is carefully studied, it will become apparent that the cleavages which exist in man are cleavages in certain inherent or basic relations: [436]
  1. Found within the man himself, in one or other of these various focal points of realization or awareness:
    1. Unrecognized by the man himself or by those around him. When this is the case, the man is unevolved and the cleavages or gaps in his consciousness do no real harm relatively, either to himself or to those in his environment. They simply indicate lack of development.
    2. When recognized, they produce distress and difficulty and the man becomes in need of sound psychological help. Correct information along the lines here laid down can be given in those cases where the intellectual type is involved; the psychologist is then dealing with people who should be able and willing to help themselves.
    3. When the man has effected the necessary bridging and unification, he then becomes a unified personality. Then the mystic can emerge. This means that he has achieved the point wherein the higher bridging between the integrated personality and the soul becomes possible. Finally, a Master of the Wisdom, Who is an exponent of the Christ consciousness, in its unifying, salvaging and constructive aspects, appears.
      The at-oning of the higher and the lower nature will produce results which will be determined in their field of expression by a man's ray. These ray conditions will result in a man's finding his right field of usefulness and right expression in the political, religious, or scientific fields, and in other modes of divine manifestation.
  2. Found between a man and his environment. The effect of this may mean that he is an anti-social human being, or unpopular, full of fear of life, or expressing, in many [437] other forms, his inability to tune in on his surroundings. Lack of understanding, of right relationship, and inability correctly to blend the inner and the outer forms of the life structure, will be evidenced. The cause of the cleavage in this case is usually found somewhere within the astral body itself.
  3. Found between a man and his life task, or the life activity to which fate ordains him and predisposition inclines him. The difficulty here lies in a definite break or failure of continuity between the mind nature, determining purpose, and the astral nature, governing impulse.
  4. Found between a man and his over-shadowing (and slowly dominating) soul. This leads to much realized unhappiness, dire conflict, and the eventual and symbolic "death of the personality."

Here again I would like to pause and to point out that the concepts of death, of substitution, of the vicarious at-one-ment and of sacrifice, will - in the New Age - be superseded by the concepts of resurrection or of livingness, of spiritual unity, of transference and of service, so that a new note will enter into human life, bringing hope and joy and power and freedom.

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