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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
These are the basic premises which should emerge in the new techniques which psychology will use when it has reached the point of accepting (or at least experimenting with) the [430] above ideas. By their use, it will be found that the problem case itself can be brought into functioning right activity, for all the innate, and unused faculties of man will be swept into integrating activity. The process is always and inevitably the same:
  1. Cleavage.
  2. A recognition of duality, either subjectively or in the waking consciousness.
  3. A period of wild unrest, of frustration and futility, leading sometimes to disaster, to forms of nervous or mental breakdown, and to generally chaotic and undesirable conditions.
  4. An intelligently applied bridging process, gradually carried forward, once the point of cleavage is determined.
  5. The achievement of periods of recognized fusion, integration or true normality. A process of analysis would here be useful. It will later be found that psychoanalysis will come into its real usefulness when it comes to the aid of a man in explaining his achievement rather than in unearthing the detail of his apparent disaster. There is no real disaster. There is only an unrecognized point of crisis, a moment of unrealized fulfilment. The disaster comes when this point of crisis is not utilized and understood, for it then serves to increase the cleavage instead of being recognized as a moment of opportunity.
  6. The establishment of a definite rhythm composed of the creative imagination, of discriminating choice, of the value of the relation of the part to the whole, and of the acceptance of group purpose. This rhythm, when duly established in a life or in a series of lives, leads eventually to
  7. Integration. [431]

I would like to stop here and point out that the foundation of the new psychology must inevitably be built upon the premise that this one life is not man's sole opportunity in which to achieve integration and eventual perfection. The great Law of Rebirth must be accepted and it will then be found to be, in itself, a major releasing agent in any moment of crisis or any psychological problem case. The recognition of further opportunity and a lengthened sense of time are both quieting and helpful to many types of mind; its interpretative value will be found illuminating as the patient grasps the fact that behind him lie points of crisis wherein it can be demonstrated by his present equipment that he achieved integration, thus guaranteeing to him victory in his present point of crisis and of difficult conflict. The light which this throws on relationships and environment will serve to stabilize his purpose and make him comprehend the inevitability of responsibility. When this great law is understood in its true implications and not interpreted in terms of its present-childish presentation, then man will shoulder the responsibility of living with a daily recognition of the past, an understanding of the purpose of the present, and with an eye to the future. This will also greatly lessen the growing tendency towards suicide which humanity is showing.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, that the time element can enter into the problem most helpfully and it is here that a real understanding of the Law of Rebirth, or of the Law of Opportunity (as I would prefer to call it) will be of definite usefulness. Above everything else, it will bring into the attitude of both psychologist and problem case, the idea of hope, the thought of fulfilment and of ultimate achievement.

It will also be essential that the psychologist of the future should arrive at a recognition and an admittance of the inner structure of the human being - of his emotional vehicle, his [432] mind body and their close interrelation through the medium of the vital or etheric body which serves ever as the linking web between the dense physical body and the other bodies. The soul and its triplicity of energies (life itself, expressing will or purpose, love and intelligence) work through the seven major centers, whilst the mind body and the astral body work through many other centers, though possessing also within themselves seven centers which are the transmitting counterparts of those found in the etheric body. The integrations which evolution eventually effects are carried out through the medium of all these centers. Through the heightening of vibration, through the swinging into activity of the centers, and through the subsequent and consequent development of the human response apparatus, new avenues of approach to reality, new qualities of awareness, new sensitivity to that which has hitherto been unrecognized, and new powers begin to open up.

Each man is, therefore, within himself, a hierarchy, a reflection of a great chain of being - the Being which the universe expresses. Psychology has to recognize eventually:

  1. The fact of the soul, the integrating agent, the self.
  2. The Law of Opportunity or Rebirth.
  3. The nature of the inner structure of man and its relation to the outer tangible form.
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