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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - Some Problems of Psychology
The true sense of cleavage and really serious difficulty comes, however, when two things have occurred. These might be stated to be as follows:

1. The self-consciousness of the man has reached a point where his desires are so dominant and compelling that he becomes aware of their strength, and also simultaneously of his inability truly to satisfy them, coupled with the recognition that there is an aspect of himself which does not truly want to do so. The sense of frustration then descends upon him and he becomes painfully aware of what he wants and of what he would be if his desires were met and satisfied. He is then torn in two directions: his desire-mind keeps him dwelling in the realm of longing, of hope and of wish, whilst his brain and his physical nature bring to him the conviction that nothing he wants is possible and if possible, does he really want it? This is true of the man whose objective is the satisfaction of his material longings or of the man who is responding to the desire for intellectual or spiritual [422] satisfaction. In the one case the cleavage begins to appear in the lower aspects of his desire nature. In the other it appears in the higher aspects, but in both cases the lines of the cleavage are clear. The conflict has begun and two possibilities lie ahead:

  1. Eventual acquiescence of a nature which ends the life in futility, deep depression and a sense of frustration which runs all the way from a submissive life of acceptance to those many ways of escape which push a man into the dream world, into the land of illusion, into a state of negativity and even over the border to death through self-destruction.
  2. A furious conflict, based on a refusal to be molded by circumstance or environment. This drives a man on to success and to achievement of his desire or it breaks him on the wheel of life, either physically or mentally.

2. Cleavage comes also when the man fails to use his God-given intellect and so is unable to choose between the essentials and the non-essentials, between right direction and wrong goals, between the various satisfactions which appeal to the various aspects of his lower nature and eventually between the higher and the lower duality. He must learn to grasp the distinction between:

  1. Submission to the inevitable and submission to the urge of his own desire.
  2. Recognition of capacity and recognition of potentiality. Many conflicts would be solved through the summation, understanding and right use of recognized assets, thus eliminating impossible goals and the consequent inevitable frustration. When this part of the conflict [423] has been overcome, then potentiality can emerge in recognition and become power in expression.
  3. Recognition of individual goals and group goals, between the ability to be social or anti-social. Much is being done along these lines but the emphasis is still upon the individual and not upon the group. When this is the case, we become responsible for anti-social groups.

I have mentioned only three of many possible recognitions but the resolution of the cleavage for which these are responsible will result in the liberation of a large majority of sufferers. It might perhaps be said that the release of many whose cleavage lies primarily in the realm of the desire nature, leading to the sense of frustration and a break in the life continuity of interest, can be cured by

  1. Attention first of all to the physical equipment and to the glands, particularly to the thyroid gland, plus the regulation of the diet.
  2. Attention to the physical coordination of the patient, for physical coordination is the outer expression of an inner process of integration and much can be done by training.
  3. Interpretation of the life and the environment, given in terms of appreciation. Ponder on this.
  4. Decentralization through
    1. The providing of right interests and the right kind of education and vocational training.
    2. Cultivation of the power to recognize and meet surrounding need, thus evoking the desire to serve and providing the sense of satisfaction which comes from accomplishment and appreciation. [424]
    3. The careful and slow transmutation of desire into aspiration.
  5. Reorientation to higher goals and the development of the sense of right direction. This involves
    1. The cultivation of a wider vision.
    2. The formulation of an inner program, intelligently compiled, and suitable for the point in evolution but not so advanced as to be impossible.
    3. The avoidance of those steps and activities which are doomed to failure.
  6. Later, when the above is somewhat grasped, there must be the search for, and the development of, any creative faculty, thus meeting the desire to be noticed and to contribute. Much artistic effort or literary and musical effort is based on the desire to be the center of attention and is not based on any true creative ability. It is the sense of "I, the dramatic actor". This rightly used and developed, is of real value and importance.
  7. The elimination of the sense of sin, of disapprobation, with its concomitants, revolt, suspicion and an inferiority complex.
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