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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Coordination of the Personality
Love is the presented attribute which is at this time working into manifestation. Wisdom began to emerge in the time of the Buddha, and was the specified forerunner of love. Synthesis is another of the presented attributes and is only now making its appeal for recognition - an appeal which can only [399] evoke response from the higher types of men, even though centuries have elapsed since Plato endeavored to picture forth the completeness of the Whole and the intricacy of the ideas which have come forth as an expression of that Whole. Such great Revealers of emerging divine attributes as are Plato, the Buddha or Christ differ radically from other Avatars in that They are so constituted that They are focal points through which a new presented attribute can emerge as a thought form, and, therefore, impinge definitely upon the minds of the racial thinkers. These Avatars are possessed by the attribute; They intelligently comprehend it and are used to "anchor" the attribute in human consciousness. There then ensues a long period of adjustment, development and emergence before the presented attribute becomes the expressed attribute. The above few comments may serve to simplify your thought on these abstruse matters, and give you a better idea of the true scope of these advanced meditations.

The result of using this meditation on the presented attributes will be:

  1. The attributes already expressing themselves somewhat will achieve an intensified livingness in the daily life-expression of the disciple, and consequently in the lives of all whom he may touch. They will form the stepping-stones across the river of life down which the new attributes may come, presenting themselves in the Persons of Those Who are destined to reveal them eventually to man. Just as, symbolically speaking, the meditation on Inclusive Reason opens the way to the "heart of the Sun", so this meditation brings in certain agencies and forces from the "central spiritual Sun", and these energies find their focal point through the medium of some [400] revealing Agent. Thus the problem of Avatars or of the Messengers from the Most High, the Embodied Principles, and the Revealers of Divine Attribute will gradually come to be understood in a new light, and grasped and understood as a possible goal for certain types of men.
  2. This theme opens up a wide range wherein the creative imagination can roam, and provides a fertile source of specialized divine expression. The purer the agent, the better should be the functioning of the imagination, which is essentially the planned activity of the image-making faculty. By its means, subtle divine attributes and purposes can be presented in some form to the minds of men, and can thus in time achieve material expression. This involves the higher sensitivity, power to respond intuitional, intellectual ability to interpret that which is sensed, focused attention in order to "bring down" into manifestation the new potentiality and possibility of the divine nature, and an organized stability and purity of life. Ponder on this.
  3. This use of the creative imagination will appear to you immediately as constituting, in itself, a definite field of service. Of this service, the highest of which you can know anything is that of the Group of Contemplatives, connected with the inner planetary Hierarchy, Who are called Nirmanakayas in the ancient books. They are entirely occupied with the task of sensing and with the endeavor to express the presented attributes which must some day be as familiar to men (theoretically, at least) as are the gradually expressing attributes of Love, Beauty or Synthesis today. On a much lower plane, those of you who are occupied with the effort to make soul quality expressed factors in your lives are beginning [401] to perform, on your level of consciousness, a task somewhat similar to that of the Divine Contemplatives. It is good training for the work you may have to do as you prepare for initiation. The small lesson mastered (and many of you are finding it a hard lesson) leads inevitably to wider opportunity in Service.

I have given enough information on which deeply to think and reflect. I have pointed out a goal which is impossible of achievement as yet, but one which leads eventually to that assured faith which is based upon direct knowledge and vision. I have briefly indicated the triple techniques of Integration, Fusion and Duality, and have shown you how, by means of them, the three rays of the Personality, the Ego and the Monad can be fused and blended until Deity, the essential divine Life, is revealed and from a materialized Triplicity only an eventual Unity can be seen. We will next take up some of the problems of Psychology, studying them from the angle of the soul.

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