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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Coordination of the Personality
Inclusive Reason, which is the theme for the initiatory meditation of the second ray disciple, produces that inherent divine capacity which enables the detail of the sensed Whole to be grasped in meticulous entirety. This wide, yet detailed, scope or universal recognition is extremely difficult for me to explain or for you to understand. The second ray has been [394] called the Ray of Detailed Knowledge and where this term has been employed, the beginner has necessarily laid the emphasis upon the word "detail". It might rather be called the Ray of Detailed Unity or the Ray of the Divine Pattern, or of beauty in relationship. It involves on the part of the disciple a very high point of synthetic comprehension.

You will note how, in all these three keynotes for advanced meditation, there is the calling of the disciple's attention to those related arrangements which constitute the whole when brought into relation with each other. The word "isolated", the words "detail" and "presented" would seem to indicate separative recognition, but this is emphatically not so. They simply indicate and refer to the intricate internal life of the organized creation of God wherein the consciousness (released from all material pettiness and self-centeredness) sees not only the periphery of the Whole but the beauty and purpose of every aspect of the inner structure. Just as the average, yet unthinking human being knows that he is a person of intricate design, of multiple interior organisms which produce an aggregate of living forms, corelated and functioning as a unity, but of which he in fact knows nothing except their general nature, so the aspirant upon the probationary path may see the whole of which he is similarly a part. Just as the intelligent student of humanity and the highly educated thinker knows in greater detail and fuller comprehension the general equipment and more detailed purpose of the organized whole which we call a man, so the disciple, in the early stages of his career upon the path of discipleship, comes to see and grasp wider aspects of the inner relationships of the organized organism through which Deity is working out His Plans and Purposes. Just as the trained physician, who is also a trained psychologist (a rare thing to find) views the human body and its energies, so the disciple upon the later [395] stages of the Path also grasps the plans, purposes and materialized ideas of God. This is but a feeble effort in my attempt to show the vastness of the knowledge required When a man begins to use these three seed thoughts in meditation. The living structure as it expresses ideas, the intricate beauty of the inner relationships within the expressing Whole, the circulation of the energy which is working out the divine Idea, the points of force and focal points of energy which act as power and light stations within that Whole - all these stand revealed to the man who is permitted, as a soul, to meditate upon such a phrase as inclusive reason.

The reason here referred to is that pure intuitional infallible comprehension which grasps cause and effect simultaneously, and sees why and whence and to what end all things are moving. It is not possible for the aspirant to take these words into his meditation and profit greatly thereby, for he will be meditating as an aspiring mind, and not as a soul. No matter, therefore, how great his effort, it will be the material more than the consciousness aspect and pattern which will engross his attention. When he has reached the point where he can meditate both as a soul and as a mind, involving also the brain reaction, then he will understand the purpose of these words and will view both the symbol, the inner living structure and the emerging conscious ideas with a synthetic comprehension and a simultaneity of reception which it is impossible for me to put into words.

You might well ask me here of what profit is it then for me to write these things at all, and to say much that I have said in this Treatise. I would reply: There are a few today, and there will be an increasing number in the next two decades, who - grasping the beauty of the presented idea - will be urged by their souls to work towards these ends. By so doing, [396] they will succeed in raising the consciousness of the entire human family.

The results of using this meditation on the synthetic detail of the manifested Life will be

  1. The realization of the true significance of Light and the revelation of the meaning of what has been called in esoteric books, "the heart of the Sun", which is the inner point of life in all manifested forms. Illumination of the mind will be seen to be direct and infallible and will usurp the place of the present theoretical knowledge and belief.
  2. The creative imagination will be occupied with those measures which will "throw the light" into the dark and unrelieved places in the (as yet) incomplete creative process. The man then works consciously in the light, as a Light bearer. Perhaps my meaning will emerge more clearly to some of you when I point out to you that the disciple usually sees himself as a point of intensified light within the light of the world and then seeks to use that light (which is in him atomic, etheric and that acquired as a soul) for the furtherance of the Plan.
  3. This necessarily produces an intensified service to "those in dark places". The disciple will seek to bring the light of knowledge to them first of all, and then the light of Life. Ponder deeply on this distinction.
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