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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Coordination of the Personality
Light reveals, and the stage of revelation now follows. This light upon the way produces vision and the vision shows itself as:
  1. A vision, first of all, of defects. The light reveals the man to himself, as he is, or as the soul sees the personality.
  2. A vision of the next step ahead, which, when taken, indicates the procedure next to be followed.
  3. A vision of those who are travelling the same way.
  4. A glimpse of the "Guardian Angel," who is the dim reflection of the Angel of the Presence, the Solar Angel, which walks with each human being from the moment of birth until death, embodying as much of the available light as the man - at any given moment upon the path of evolution - can use and express.
  5. A fleeting glimpse (at high and rare moments) of the Angel of the Presence itself.
  6. At certain times and when deemed necessary, a glimpse of the Master of a man's ray group. This falls usually into two categories of experience and causes:
    1. In the early stages and whilst under illusion and glamor, that which is contacted is a vision of the astral, [358] illusory form upon the planes of glamor and illusion. This is not, therefore, a glimpse of the Master Himself, but of His astral symbol, or of the form built by His devoted disciples and followers.
    2. The Master Himself is contacted. This can take place when the disciple has effected the needed integrations of the threefold lower nature.

It is at this moment of "integration as the result of revelation" that there comes the fusion of the personality ray with the egoic ray. This we will consider later, but at this point a fact should be mentioned which has not hitherto been emphasized or elucidated. This point is that the personality ray is always a subray of the egoic ray, in the same sense that the seven major rays of our solar system are the seven subrays of the Cosmic Ray of Love-Wisdom, or the seven planes of our system are the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. We will suppose, for instance, that a man's egoic ray is the third ray of active intelligence or adaptability, and his personality ray is the second ray of love-wisdom. This personality ray is the second subray of the third ray of active intelligence. Then, in addition, there might be the following rays governing the three personality vehicles:

Egoic Ray - 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence

This is a valuable point for all who are real students to remember and to grasp. Ponder upon it, for it is self-explanatory and an understanding of it will make it possible to solve the problems of:

  1. Alignment
  2. The lines of least resistance.
  3. The processes of substitution.
  4. The alchemy of transmutation.
  5. The fields of
    1. Service
    2. Avocation
    3. Vocation.

The lack of balance will also emerge if the chart is studied and man can then arrive at an understanding of what he has to do. A study of the two formulas of the first and second rays will make it clear why in humanity (and in the solar system also) these two major rays are always so closely associated, and why all esoteric schools throughout the world are predominantly expressions of these two rays. At a certain stage upon the Path all the rays governing the mental body shift their focus onto rays one and two, doing this via the third ray. This ray holds the same position to the other rays that the solar plexus center does to the other six centers, for it constitutes a great clearing house. The first ray penetrates, pierces and produces the line along which Light comes; the second ray is the "light-carrier," and supplements the work of the first ray. A study of the activities and the cooperative endeavors of the Master M. and the Master K.H. may serve to make this clearer. Their work is indispensable to each other, just as life and consciousness are mutually indispensable, and without them form is rendered valueless. [360]

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