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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
This is the second panel, if one might so express it, of the picture here being drawn, of the divine life as it manifests through the consciousness of humanity. I am seeking to give it in such terms that comprehension may ensue. The first panel gave some of the universal implications. This was elaborated in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. The second panel, [288] contained in this Treatise on the Seven Rays, gives a general view of the synthetic unfoldment of man. The third panel entered the realm of synthetic work and was embodied in A Treatise on White Magic.

It would be useful to bear in mind here what was earlier pointed out:

  1. The mental body is governed by Rays 1, 4, 5.
  2. The astral body is governed by Rays 2, 6.
  3. The physical body is governed by Rays 3, 7.

This is often forgotten and people will have to readjust their ideas in this matter. It is by an understanding of these dominant types of force as they condition the various vehicles that the true nature of the problem of psychology will emerge and the right clue to the solution will appear. The above tabulation and statement is one of the most important ever made in this Treatise in connection with psychology.

Gradually it will be noted that certain ray meditations can be used to bring in the influence of the soul and these will be later discussed. Some simple yet powerful meditation formulas will be given, which can be used by the man who is an integrated personality, in order to bring one or another of his vehicles into alignment and consequent control.

It will be observed that the rays governing the mind include one which links the mind nature with the ray of the solar system, which is the cosmic ray of love. This one is the Ray of Harmony, the fourth ray, but it is also Harmony through Conflict. It is a most important ray, for it gives us the clue to the whole problem of pain and of suffering. Our attention should be directed to this ray and to the mind nature which is related to it. In an understanding of this relationship, we have indicated to us the way out, or the use of that type of force which will lead humanity out. Every [289] man who has reached the point of personality integration has eventually to call in this fourth type of energy when upon the Path, in order rightly to condition his mind and through the mind, his personality.

In considering the personality, therefore, and its conditioning rays we will study:

  1. The appropriation of the bodies:
    1. Their building psychologically, or their coherent construction.
    2. Their development and eventual alignment.
    3. Their interrelation in the life of the personality.
  2. The coordination of the personality:
    1. The techniques of integration, seven in number.
    2. The technique of fusion, leading to the emergence of the ray of the personality.
    3. The technique of duality, divinely understood, or the relation of the ray of the personality and the ray of the soul.
  3. Some problems of psychology, arising from the point in evolution of the personality.
    1. The technique of appropriation. Physical and etheric integration.
    2. The technique of acquiescence. Astral or psychic healing.
    3. The technique of enlightenment. Mental education.

We have before us in this study much food for thought. The subjects touched upon are deep, difficult to understand, and hard to grasp. Careful reading, however, quiet reflection, and a practical application of the sensed truth and of the intuited idea will gradually bring enlightenment and lead to [290] acquiescence in the techniques of the soul, and the appropriation of the teaching.

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