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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter II - The Ray of Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies
The Mysteries of the world, the flesh and the devil (to use the symbolic formal terminology of Christianity) are to be transmuted with rapidity into those of the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, the energy of the soul, and the revelation of divinity. The secret hid by the inverted lotus (the world) is to be revealed by the opened lotus of the kingdom of souls. The secret of the flesh, which is the prison of the soul, is revealed by the perfume of the unfolding lotus of the soul. The mystery of the devil will eventually be seen to be that of the light of God's countenance, which reveals that which is undesirable and must be changed and renounced, and which thus transforms life by the light that God's nature pours forth.

It would be of use to us all to study these three soul approaches - individual or hierarchical - and to ponder upon them and put ourselves in training, so that we may make the needed recognitions. Let us also ponder upon the following triplicities:

  1. Mass Consciousness - Self-consciousness - Group-consciousness
    These lead, in due time, to
  2. Appropriation - Acquiescence - Enlightenment
    through the racial stages of [272]
  3. Lemurian experience - Atlantean experience - Aryan experience
    and the individual stages of
  4. Experience - Discipleship - Initiation
    producing, in their turn,
  5. Racial probation - Racial discipleship - Racial initiation
    and individually
  6. The probationer - The Disciple - The Initiate
    which lead eventually to
  7. The New Group of World Servers - The Hierarchy - The Kingdom of God.

A comparative study of these stages and phases will reveal how the relationship of the ego and the personality emerges, and that the distinctive feature between the two, as far as the aspirant is concerned, is the focus or the concentration of the life aspect. In the personality the focus of consciousness is Form. In the individuality, that focus is transferred to the Soul. It is all a question of where lies the center of attention. The "approaches" which take place between the soul and the personality are the processes of relationship in the periods of transition. In connection with the race, these are called the Great Approaches of the Hierarchy, and they represent the soul of humanity within the racial form. The New Group of World Servers is that body of men and women who have responded to one of these major approaches. As soon as they have done this, they become a bridging or a linking group between the Hierarchy and the race, thus facilitating the task of the planetary Hierarchy.

The revelation of these Approaches, during the time in which they are going on, is only now possible. At the first Great Approach in Lemurian days, when the race of men individualized, only the members of the approaching Hierarchy were in any way aware of the purpose. Those who were approached registered dimly a deepened urge to rise to better things. Aspiration was born - conscious aspiration, if [273] such a word can be employed in connection with the vague yearning of animal man. Today, such is the progress made through the effect of evolution that many people can and do consciously register the influence of the soul and the nearing approach of the Hierarchy. This ability to register the Approach, or the Touch of Enlightenment, is largely due to the successful work of the Christ when He came down to the earth some two thousand years ago. He accustomed us to the idea of divinity - an entirely new concept as far as man was concerned. He thus paved the way for the nearer approach, upon a large scale, of the Kingdom of Souls, through its agent, the Hierarchy and the hierarchical agency, The New Group of World Servers. This may convey something of an understanding of an aspect of Christ's work which is frequently overlooked.

Today, as the seventh ray comes into manifestation, we shall see the approaches between the two higher kingdoms of men and of souls greatly facilitated, as the magical work in the producing and bringing about of relationship begins to go forward as desired. It is the work of the Ray of Magical Order which will bring about sensitivity to one of the Major Approaches which is being now attempted. Only as history is made and we learn later the amazing nature of the epoch through which the race is passing, will humanity appreciate the significance of the work of the present Hierarchy, and the magnitude and the success of its achievement since 1925, as a result of the initial impulse instituted in 1875.

No more need be said on this point except to observe that the first indications of the work done during the Wesak Festival of 1936 and the response engendered among humanity would warrant the assumptions of success. Let us all stand poised and ready, unafraid and sure, thus preserving the gain of past effort and (in company with all true servers [274] throughout the world) ensuring to us a positive focal point for the transmission of spiritual energy.

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