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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control
In this way the life of the soul is affirmed in terms of its conditioning factors. The value of this lies in the fact that, upon the Path of Discipleship, these factors must begin to play their part in the life of the personality. They must begin to condition the lower man so that his life, his habits, his [244] desires and his thoughts are brought into line with the higher impulses initiated by the soul. This is only another way of dealing with those expressions of the spiritual life which every initiate must demonstrate.

Every aspirant must, as time elapses, develop the power to see the whole and not only the part, and to view his life and sphere of influence in terms of its corporate relationships and not in terms of the separated self. He must not only see the vision (for that the mystic has always done) but he must penetrate behind it to those essential qualities which give meaning to the vision. The instinct to formulate plans, inherent in all and so dominant in the highly evolved, must give way to the tendency to make plans in tune with the Plan of God, as expressed through the planetary Hierarchy. This in time will produce the urge to create those forms, conveying meaning, which will transmute evil into good and produce the transfiguration of life.

But to do this within the Plan and at the same time to recognize the basic synthesis in which we live and move, the disciple must learn to analyze, discriminate and discern those aspects, qualities and forces which must be creatively used in the materialization of the intuited Plan, based on the sensed vision. We might well ponder on this rapport between the man, and the Hierarchy, via a man's own soul. The Hierarchy exists in order to render possible in form that sensed Plan and divine Vision. To produce this emergence of truth, the man stands also at the midway point, and in handling the great dualities of life, must produce the new world.

As we study these rules of soul control, it should not be necessary constantly to affirm the three basic relationships of the soul:

  1. The relationship to other souls within the enveloping life [245] of the Oversoul. Only through an understanding of this relation do we arrive at a practical knowledge that all souls are one Soul.
  2. The relationship to the Hierarchy of governing souls. Though this Hierarchy has in it all the seven elements which constitute the primary differentiation to which the One Life, as consciousness, submits itself, yet it must be borne in mind that this Hierarchy is essentially an embodiment of the will aspect of the Logos - the will to good, the will to love, the will to know, the will to create. This will is served by the Universal Mind of Deity, but it is the expression of a still higher consciousness in which that Deity shares. This concept is necessarily beyond our comprehension, but we must bear in mind that this section of the book is for use in days to come and not merely for today's understanding.
  3. The relationship to the Plan of God as it is working out at the present time.

These thoughts will serve to set the stage for what should now be made clear. It is of use at times to swing the consciousness back to the center, when the orbit the mind travels is of vast extent. The synthesis of the divine concept, the vision of its structural outline and the plan for its materialization - these are the factors which govern souls on their plane, condition their activity, and, within the limits wherein they work, are the factors which (in time and space) condition and limit Deity, for such is His divine Will. Looking at the whole subject from another angle, it is these rules of soul contact which set the rhythm and determine the pulsation of the life of God as it steadily beats upon the lower rhythms and will finally obliterate them. This happens in the case of individual human beings; it will happen in the case of humanity [246] as a whole, some day; it will determine finally the life, purpose and activity of all forms in and upon our planet.

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