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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control
5. The factor of analysis. This factor may surprise those who suffer from the misuse of the power to discriminate, to analyze and to criticize. It is, however, a basic, divine quality, producing wise participation in the Plan and skill in action.
  1. On the form side, it manifests as the tendency to separate, divide and to place in contradictory positions. On the life side, it leads to that understanding which tends to identification, through the wider choice and comprehension.
  2. It is the basic cause and impulse which will lead to the eventual appearance of the kingdom in nature, higher than the human, which is strictly that of the soul, and will produce the manifestation upon earth of the fifth kingdom in nature, that of the kingdom of gods. This phrase should be noted.
  3. It is the result of the active work of the sons of God, the sons of mind, and is the part which they are contributing to the total planetary contribution, as part of the great systemic Plan. The Hierarchy itself is [224] the outer and inner manifestation of the sacrifice of the divine Manasaputras (as They are called in The Secret Doctrine), and its members respond to Their sensed vision of the Plan for the whole. The Hierarchy is essentially the germ or nucleus of the fifth kingdom in nature.

6. The quality, innate in man, to idealize. This is founded upon the success of the Plan itself. This Plan sought originally to awaken in man the following responses: right desire, right vision and right creative activity, based upon right interpretation of ideals. This triplicity of purpose merits thoughtful consideration.

  1. On the form side, this has worked out as material desire, leading eventually to cruelty and frequently to an extreme sadistic expression. On the life side, it has led to sacrifice, one pointed purpose, progress on the path, and devotion.
  2. It is the basic cause of all organization and of cooperation. The ideal before the Hierarchy is the realized Plan. This is brought to humanity in the form of ideas, which become, in time, ideals - to be desired and fought for. In order to materialize these ideals, the trend to organize comes into being.
  3. It is the result - curiously enough - of the work of a peculiar group of world workers, who are recognized by humanity under the name of World Saviors. These are the Founders of those forms through which the divine ideas become the ideals of the masses, in all realms of human thought. Every great world leader is necessarily a "suffering Savior."

7. The seventh rule or controlling force with which the [225] Hierarchy works is the interplay of the great dualities. Through the activity engendered by this interplay, and through the results achieved (producing always a third factor), the whole manifested world is swept into line with the divine Purpose. This does not become apparent to the man who is immersed in the detail of life, but could we see the planetary life as it can be seen by the Masters Themselves, we would note the pattern emerging in all its beauty, and the structure of God's thought for the universe appearing today in clearer outline and greater synthesis and beauty of detail than ever before.

  1. On the form side, this produces the sense of being imprisoned by the time factor, the victim of speed, and the implacable forces of all life activity, as they play upon the imprisoned human being. On the life side, it results in rhythmic living and conscious adaptation of energy to the immediate purpose and goal.
  2. It is necessarily the basic cause of the appearance and the disappearance of forms, human and humanly constructed.
  3. It is the. result of at-one-ments wrought out on the physical plane, thus producing the lower unifications, just as the at-one-ments wrought out hitherto in the human consciousness, have produced unification with the soul. The higher at-one-ments, hitherto effected on the plane of mind, have to be expressed eventually on the plane of physical life.
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