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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life
These new groups are appearing everywhere all over the world. The groups upon the outer plane, with their diversity of names and stated aims, are not connected with this inner group which is sponsoring or "projecting" the new groups, except in so far as they have a definite, even if nebulous, connection. This becomes always possible where there are three members of the New Group of World Servers found in any one exoteric group; it then becomes "linked by a [197] triple thread of golden light" to the New Group of World Servers, and can in some measure be used. This great and spiritual grouping of servers is, on the physical plane, only very loosely linked. On the astral plane the linking is stronger and is based upon love of humanity; on the mental plane the major linking takes place, from the angle of the three worlds as a whole. It will be apparent, therefore, that certain developments must have taken place in the individual before he can consciously become a functioning member of the New Group of World Servers, which is the principal group at this time definitely working under the Law of Group Progress.
  1. He must have the heart center awakened, and be so outgoing in his "behavior" that the heart is rapidly linked up with the heart centers of at least eight other people. Groups of nine awakened aspirants can then be occultly absorbed in the heart center of the planetary Logos. Through it, His life can flow and the group members can contribute their quota of energy to the life influences circulating throughout His body. The above piece of information is only of interest to those who are spiritually awakened, and will mean little or nothing to those who are asleep.
  2. The head center must also be in process of awakening, and the ability to "hold the mind steady in the light" must be somewhat developed.
  3. Some forms of creative activity must likewise be found and the server must be active along some humanitarian, artistic, literary, philosophic or scientific lines.

All this involves personality integration and alignment and that magnetic, attractive appeal which is distinctive of all disciples in some form or another. In this way, from the [198] standpoint of esotericism, certain great triangles of energy will be found in the individual and consequently increasingly in humanity. Then too the "forces of creative life" will circulate from the "point within the head" (the head center) along the "line to the heart" and then, with the throat center, form a "triangle of fiery light". Such is the Way of Group Progress, and when this is being consummated, then the Law of Group Progress begins definitely to function and to control. It might be of interest, if we here listed the recognized effects of the five laws with which we have been dealing:

Law Effect General
Physical Effect
Reaction Quality
Physical Plane Unity - The Masses.
1. Sacrifice World Saviors
The Christ
Deliberate death
"I die daily"
Love for the Savior. Desire to
Etheric or Vital Unity - The Aspirants.
2. Magnetic
World Religion
Schools of Thought
Love of Ideas
Astral Unity - The Probationers.
3. Service Humanitarian
The Red Cross and
allied activities
Love of
Mental Unity - The Disciples.
4. Repulse The fight
against evil
Crusades of
all kinds
Love of Good Discrimination
Soul Unity - The Initiates.
5. Group
New Groups New Group of
World Servers
Love of
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