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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life
These groups, therefore, which have hitherto worked entirely subjectively, can and will be duplicated externally, and the new groups will come into being largely as an externalization - experimental as yet - of the groups which have functioned behind the scenes, motivated from the central group, the Hierarchy of Masters.

This experiment is primarily as yet one of group integration and the method whereby it can be developed. The reason why Those on the Inner Side are now experimenting with this group idea is because it is definitely a New Age trend. They are seeking to utilize the increasing bias of the human being towards coherence and integration. It must be remembered, however, and with constancy, that unless there is a subjective coherence, all outer forms must eventually disintegrate or never cohere at all. It is only the subjective links and the subjective work that determines success, and these must (particularly in the new group work) be based on egoic relations and not on personal attachments and predilections. These help where there is at the same time a recognition of the egoic relation. Where that exists, then something can be formed which is immortal and as lasting as the soul itself.

One practical point should be made clear. These groups will for some time be what might be called "pattern-groups" and, therefore, must be formed very slowly and with much care. Each person forming part of the new groups will be tested and tried and subjected to much pressure. This will be necessary if the groups are to stand through this transition period of the present. It will not be easy for disciples to form [187] these groups. The methods and techniques will be so different to those of the past. People may evince real desire to participate in the group life and to form part of the group activity, but their real difficulty will consist in bringing their personal life and vibration into conformity with the group life and rhythm. The narrow path which all disciples have to tread (and in the early stages these groups will consist primarily of those on the Probationary Path or the Path of Discipleship) requires obedience to certain instructions which have been handed down to us from the ancient past. These are followed willingly and with the eyes open, but no rigid adherence to the letter of the law is ever asked or expected. Flexibility within certain self-imposed limits is always needed, yet that flexibility must not be set in motion by any personality inertia or mental questioning.

This great group training experiment, now being initiated on earth through a new activity of the Hierarchy, will demonstrate to the watching Guides of the race just how far the disciples and aspirants of the world are ready to submerge their personal interests in group good; how sensitive they are, as a group, to instruction and guidance; how free the channels of communication are between the groups on the outer plane and the Inner Group, and between them also and the masses whom they are expected eventually to reach. A Master's group of disciples, on the inner side of life, forms an integrated organism, characterized by mutual love, life and interplay. The relationships in that group are entirely mental and astral, and hence the limitations of the etheric force body and of the physical brain and dense physical body are not felt. This leads to a greater inner facility in understanding and to a reciprocal interplay. It is wise here to remember that the astral potency is far more strongly felt than on the physical levels, and hence the emphasis laid upon emotional-desire [188] control in all treatises on discipleship and on preparation for that state.

Now an effort is being made to see if such a group activity and interplay can be set up on the physical plane, which will consequently include the physical body apparatus and the brain. The difficulties are, therefore, great. What has to be the technique employed in handling this more difficult situation, which is only possible because the work of the Masters' groups has been so effective? Much may depend upon just how far we will react to this interplay and how much it will mean to us in our lives. This embodies a most practical occult method of work. The astral-physical brain reactions should be regarded as non-existent and allowed to lapse below the threshold of the group consciousness, there to die for lack of attention. The emphasis is held steadily on mental and egoic relations.

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