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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence
On the side of soul expression, which is governed by detachment, the following phrases and sentences will give an idea of the progress and intent:
  1. The stage of spiritualization and of de-materialization. The soul functions with the purpose of liberation before it, and not of further physical plane experience.
  2. The relinquishment of form life.
  3. The period wherein satiety is experienced; the desires have been so dominant and so often satisfied that they no longer attract.
  4. The process, in detail, of liberation from
    1. A body or bodies.
    2. A sheath or sheaths.
    3. A vehicle or vehicles.
    4. A form or forms.
  5. Emergence into light, a symbolic way of expressing the reverse of immersion in darkness.
  6. The Path of Return, motivated by the wish to appropriate nothing for the separated self. The beginning of group consciousness and of group work.
  7. Selflessness, the major characteristic of the Soul or Self.
  8. Freedom from the desire to possess, freedom from acquisitiveness, and therefore the state of desirelessness. [79]
  9. The establishing of the sense of reality as the ruling principle of the life.
  10. The return of the Prodigal Son to the Father's home.
  11. The application and use of energy for group purpose and in cooperation with the Plan for the whole.
  12. The life of the soul with all that is implied in that phrase.
  13. Love of God in contradistinction to love of self.
  14. Attachment to the unseen, the true, the subjective and the Real, which is only possible when there has been detachment from the seen, the false, the objective and the unreal.
  15. Complete liberation from the control of the lower mind.
  16. The period wherein the center of interest is the kingdom of God and of the soul.
  17. Reality. Formlessness. God.

It should be remembered, when considering the seven ray methods of appropriation and the reverse stages, that we are dealing with energies. Occult students must increasingly think and work in terms of energy. These energies are spoken of esoterically as "having impulsive effects, magnetic appeals, and focused activities." The streams or emanations of energy exist, as is well known, in seven major aspects or qualities. They carry the sons of men into incarnation and withdraw them from incarnation. They have their own specific qualities and characteristics, and these determine the nature of the forms constructed, the quality of the life which is expressed at any particular tune or in any particular incarnation, the length of the life cycle, and the appearance and disappearance of any of the three form aspects. Certain brief paragraphs will suffice to define each of the stages of appropriation. The paragraphs which detail the methods of detachment have been given earlier in A Treatise on White Magic. [80]

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