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Esoteric Psychology II - Chapter I - The Egoic Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence
A study of the outstanding individuals in all fields of world expression today, when entirely divorced from the higher group concepts and the constant spiritual aspiration to serve humanity, will indicate the nature of the consummated individuality and the success of this part of the divine plan. It should be carefully noted that the successful demonstration of the dominant individual is just as much a divine success in its proper place and time as is the case with the great Sons of God. One success, however, is the expression of the third aspect of divinity as it veils and hides the soul, and the other is the expression of two aspects of divinity (the second and the third) as they veil and hide the life aspect of the Monad. When this is grasped, our evaluation of world achievement will undergo change, and we will see life more truly and divorced from the glamor which distorts our vision and the vision of the great. Personalities as well. It should also be borne [16] in mind that individual separative success is in itself an evidence of soul activity, for every individual is a living soul, actuating the lower sheaths of bodies, and proceeding to
  1. Build sheath after sheath, life after life, that will be increasingly adequate to its own expression.
  2. Produce that sensitivity in the sheaths - sequentially and finally simultaneously - which will enable them to respond to an ever increasing sphere or measure of divine influence.
  3. Integrate the three sheaths into a unity which for three and sometimes seven lives (occasionally eleven lives) will function as a dominant personality in some field of wide expression, using the energy of ambition to bring this about.
  4. Reorient the lower individual self so that the realm of its desires and the satisfaction of personality achievement will eventually be relegated to their rightful place.
  5. Galvanize the self-assertive man into that realization of new achievements which will direct his steps on to the Path of Discipleship and eventually on to the Path of Initiation.
  6. Substitute for past, necessarily self-interested and personal ambition, the needs of the group and the goal of world service.

Is not the above sufficiently practical?

Initiation carried to its consummation, as far as humanity is concerned, produces the liberated Master of the Wisdom, free from the limitations of the individual, garnering the fruits of the individualization process and functioning increasingly as the solar angel, because focused primarily in the inner spiritual body. Awareness of the Presence is thus steadily developed. This fact merits the deep study and meditation [17] of all disciples. As the three rays which govern the lower triplicity blend and synthesize and produce the vital personality, and as they in their turn dominate the ray of the dense physical body, the lower man enters into a prolonged condition of conflict. Gradually and increasingly, the soul ray, "the ray of persistent and magnetic grasp", as it is occultly called, begins to become more active; in the brain of the man who is a developed personality, an increased awareness of vibration is set up. There are many degrees and stages in this experience, and they cover many lives. The personality ray and the egoic ray at first seem to clash, and then later a steady warfare is set up with the disciple as the onlooker - and dramatic participator. Arjuna emerges into the arena of the battlefield. Midway between the two forces he stands, a conscious tiny point of sentient awareness and of light. Around him and in him and through him the energies of the two rays pour and conflict. Gradually, as the battle continues to rage, he becomes a more active factor, and drops the attitude of the detached and uninterested onlooker. When he is definitely aware of the issues involved, and definitely throws the weight of his influence, desires, and mind on to the side of the soul, he can take the first initiation. When the ray of the soul focuses itself fully through him, and all his centers are controlled by that focused soul ray, then he becomes the transfigured Initiate, and takes the third initiation. The ray of the personality is occultly "extinguished" or absorbed by the ray of the soul, and all the potencies and attributes of the lower rays become subsidiary to and colored by the soul ray. The disciple becomes a "man of God", - a person whose powers are controlled by the dominant vibration of the soul ray and whose inner, sensitive mechanism is vibrating to the measure of that soul ray which - in its turn - is being itself [18] reoriented to, and controlled by, the monadic ray. The process then repeats itself:

  1. The many rays which constitute the lower separative man are fused and blended into the three personality rays.
  2. These are, in their turn, fused and blended into a synthetic expression of the dominant self-assertive man, the personal self.
  3. The personality rays then become one ray and in their turn become subservient to the dual ray of the soul. Again, therefore, three rays are blended and fused.
  4. The soul rays dominate the personality and the three become again the one, as the dual ray of the soul and the blended ray of the personality vibrate to the measure of the highest of the soul rays - the ray of the soul's group, which is ever regarded as the true egoic ray.
  5. Then, in time, the soul ray begins (at the third initiation) to blend with the ray of the Monad, the life ray. The higher initiate is therefore a dual and not a triple expression.
  6. In time, however, this realized duality gives place to the mysterious, indescribable process called identification which is the final stage of soul unfoldment. It is useless to say more for what might be said could only be comprehended by those preparing for the fourth initiation, and this treatise is written for disciples and initiates of the first degree.
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