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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man

This purpose is the Transfiguration. This is the esoteric goal set before humanity. This was the tremendous event which was enacted before humanity by the greatest of all the sons of God in His Own Body, Whom I and all true disciples regard as the Master of all the Masters, the Christ. What shall I say about this culminating event for which the entire personality of man waits? This third great initiation marks a crisis in the initiatory work, and produces a further synthesis experienced in the life of the spiritual man. Up to the third initiation, man has been occupied with the process of fusing soul and body into one unity. After the third initiation (and owing to an event which takes place) man is [329] oriented towards, and becomes occupied with, a further fusion in consciousness, that of spirit-soul-body. I speak of a fusion in consciousness. The unity is ever there, and man in evolution is really becoming aware of that which already exists.


These are five in number from the standpoint of this treatise on esotericism. They can here be only briefly indicated, as elucidation of them would involve too much.

  1. The racial divisions. These can be considered in two ways:
    1. From the standpoint of modern esoteric science.
    2. From the standpoint of The Secret Doctrine, with its septenary divisions of mankind and its forty-nine subdivisions.
  2. The division of humanity into seven main ray types, which might be enumerated as follows:
    1. The power type - full of will and governing capacity.
    2. The love type - full of love and fusing power.
    3. The active type - full of action, and manipulating energy.
    4. The artistic type - full of the sense of beauty and creative aspiration.
    5. The scientific type - full of the idea of cause and results. The mathematical type.
    6. The devotee type - full of idealism.
    7. The business type - full of organizing power.
      given to ritualistic ceremony.
  3. The twelve astrological groups. These we shall consider in dealing with The Rays and the Zodiac, and so shall not touch upon them here.
  4. The division of human beings into three esoteric groups:
    1. Those unawakened to the "I" consciousness.
      These are called esoterically "the darkened sparks." [330]
    2. Those awakened to the condition of individuality.
      These are called "the flickering lights."
    3. Those awakened to the knowledge of the soul.
      These are called "the radiant sons of light."
  5. The division of humanity into three types of aspirants:
    1. Those watched from a distance by the guiding Hierarchy.
    2. Those awakened by and attracted to the Hierarchy.
    3. Those who, from the angle of the personality, belong to the world of forces, but are awakened souls whose consciousness is being integrated into that of the Hierarchy. These are the new group of World Servers.

To these three last groups the Hierarchy Itself may well be added.

The table as a whole shows the main divisions into which esoteric psychology divides humanity, and if you study it with care you will note how all-inclusive it is. I commend it to modern psychologists for study.

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