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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature
The influence of the three rays, blended together in the vegetable kingdom, being also the three rays of even numbers, 2. 4. 6, has produced a fourfold perfection in this kingdom which is unparalleled in any other. The rays are responsible for this result, and their effect can be seen in the following analysis:
  • Ray II - The result of this influence, pouring cyclically through the kingdom, has been to produce its magnetism, its attractiveness.
  • Ray IV - This ray of struggle and of conflict has as its objective the production of harmony between form and life, and has brought about the synthesis and the harmony of color in nature. As we say the words, "color in nature," automatically we think of the vegetable kingdom and its achievement of harmony in vegetation.
  • Ray VI - Growth towards the light is the effect of this ray influence, plus the normal tendency of all life-forms to evolve. It has brought the latent seeds of the vegetable kingdom, inherent within the soil, to the surface. It constitutes the energy of externalization.

The united effect of these three rays, working in unison, has been to bring forth the fourth result, the perfume of the flowers, as found in the higher units of the vegetable kingdom. This perfume can be either deadly or vitalizing, and can either [243] delight or repel. It attracts and constitutes part of the aroma of this kingdom which is sensed in the planetary aura, though unrecognized as a whole by humanity. You isolate a perfume. Yet the perfume of an entire kingdom is a well recognized phenomenon to the initiate.

Students would find it of interest to trace similar analogies in the other kingdoms in nature, remembering however that this kingdom is esoterically ahead of the others, for there are three rays participating in its perfecting. It might be stated that three rays will ultimately affect each of the other three kingdoms.

During the next subrace, ray two will begin to influence the mineral kingdom.

In the next root race, ray five will commence to pour its power into the animal kingdom, gradually stimulating the instinctual mind of the animal until it vibrates to the ray of the intellect, of knowledge. This will bring about an organizing of the animal brain, and the transfer of the power of the solar plexus center to the head center, and consequently a shift in the animal polarization and an added activity of the brain in the head.

Towards the close of this round, the monadic ray of the advanced units of humanity will be so powerful that there will be a marked pouring in of ray one, with its stimulation of the individual will. You will therefore have in this unfoldment of the will aspect of mankind the following stages, which are of psychological importance.

  1. Instinct.
  2. Emotional aspiration.
  3. Intellect.
  4. Mental one-pointedness.
  5. Egoic purpose.
  6. Spiritual will.
  7. Divine intent.

These stages are latent in all of us, and are related to the seven principles of man. They will express themselves in [244] advanced humanity as "aspects of the psyche," and therefore psychologically, during the later stages of human development. They should begin to be of greater interest to investigators and to educators who should seek to develop them in the child and the adolescent. They work out today as marked stages in the development of all disciples and initiates. They indicate place upon the Path. Hence their practical usefulness.

In the kingdom of souls, ray four will complete the work of the next two rounds, but this period is so far distant that with it we need not concern ourselves.

In the vegetable kingdom, the work of the second ray of Love-Wisdom is seen, symbolically, in one of its major consummations. Attractiveness, in the sense of beauty, of color, of form, of distribution, and of perfume, is to be seen on every hand, and had you but the eyes to vision the reality, the synthesis of life would appear to you in all its glory. But just as the last of the five senses to make its presence felt in man, the sense of smell, is as yet but little understood, and its implications are not realized, whilst its relation to the analytical and discriminative mind is not appreciated scientifically, so the "attractiveness" (esoterically speaking) of the vegetable kingdom remains uncomprehended. It is the radiant garment of the planet, and is revealed by the sun; it is the achieved expression of the informing life of this kingdom in nature, and is the effect of the manifestation of the three divine and functioning aspects of this "peculiar" son of divinity, as he works out his destiny in form and through matter.

The entire problem of magnetism is closely connected with the problem of sex. In the occult study of the dissemination of the seed life and the germs of the vegetable kingdom, and in the understanding of the part played therein by those miraculously developed organisms, - the ants and bees - and later in the investigation of the work of the etheric builders, the elves [245] and fairies, by those with awakened vision, will come a new light upon sex and upon the function it serves in the interrelation of lives and the creation of forms. With this aspect of this deeply esoteric truth I cannot here deal, for it is the effect of activity in the solar lives of the solar system, and with these we cannot concern ourselves. It is not possible to handle the subject in such a way as to make it of constructive value to the average reader. What is not of immediate esoteric value at this time of world urgency may well be relegated to a later time.

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