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Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature
The work of the seventh Lord and of the first Lord is essentially the work of the architect and of the magician, and Their efforts are seen to perfection in the mineral world. This will not, however, be realized in full potency and magical revelation until the inner eye of true vision is developed and the forms underlying the creative work in the other kingdoms in [222] nature are seen in their real values. The secrets of transmutation are the true secrets of this particular kingdom, and the two words expressing the process and the secret are condensation and transmutation. Each kingdom has its key words, which can be translated, though most inadequately, as follows:
Kingdom Process Secret Objective
1. Mineral Condensation Transmutation Radiation.
2. Vegetable Conformation Transformation Magnetization.
3. Animal Concretization Transfusion Experimentation.
4. Human Adaptation Translation Transfiguration.
5. Egoic Externalization Manifestation Realization.
A general picture of the creative intent emerges as one considers the significance of these words. The objectives and processes of the two highest kingdoms are too advanced for the average student to grasp, and constitute likewise two of the secrets of the higher initiation.

As this treatise is intended to be a practical attempt to elucidate the new psychology, and as its objective is to increase man's understanding of himself, it is not my intention to do more than convey a few ideas anent the rays and their relation to the three subhuman kingdoms in nature. In all esoteric writings it is necessary to show the synthesis and the continuity of the whole process of evolution, for only as man appreciates his position, midway between the higher three kingdoms and the lower three, will the true significance of the contribution of the fourth kingdom to the entire scheme of evolution appear. I have given several tabulations of correspondences and of the ray influences, and these warrant careful study. It is, for instance, apparent that if the seventh ray is now coming into power, and if its effect upon the lower kingdoms is beginning to be felt, then humanity must be prepared for such changes as are inevitable.

Left alone and unaided, man would eventually discover for [223] himself the designated events; but it would take much time and only in retrospect would the broad general outlines of the evolutionary process emerge from the mass of detail in which they are lost in the immediate present and foreground. By a willingness to study the truths that are sent out, from time to time, from the occult centers of the world, and through a readiness to act on suggested hypothesis will man increase his capacity to see life whole, and be able therefore to cooperate (with power and intelligence) in the working out of the Plan.

I dealt above with the Process, the Secret and the Purpose. For right understanding I shall now give you a synopsis of the information, concerning each kingdom, as it comes under consideration.

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