Chapter 11: Beliefs are Lies

Question 4



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The fourth question

Question 4


Satya Veetrag,

DO YOU KNOW what they did with Jesus? Do you know what they did with Mahavira? Do you know what they did with Buddha? You are not aware. Of course, they could not have compared Jesus with Rasputin because Rasputin had not yet come into existence, but isn't the crucifixion enough proof that they were thinking that he wasn't a good man? that they were perfectly certain that he was evil? that he was doing the work of the Devil, not of God? that he was not the messiah? that he was a pretender? If they were not convinced that "He is a pretender and destroying our spirituality, our culture, our religion," why should they have crucified Jesus?

They tortured Mahavira in every possible way. They wounded Buddha; they did everything to kill him. Of course, they could not succeed. That's the difference between Indians and Jews: when Jews do something they succeed! Indians are Indians: they do, but they can't succeed.

Just a few days ago they had thrown a knife to kill me. Now in a twentieth-century world, trying to kill somebody with an old-fashioned knife... something very ancient it was, totally rusted. When it fell I thought it was a stone!

They could not kill Buddha or Mahavira; that simply shows Indian inefficiency, nothing else! And do you think they were very happy with Krishna?

Jainas have thrown Krishna into the seventh hell. Jainas believe there are seven hells: the seventh is the last hell where the greatest criminals are thrown. Now Jainas have thrown Krishna into the seventh hell. Even Adolf Hitler will be somewhere near the third! Genghis Kahn, Tamurlaine, Nadir Shah cannot go beyond the third. The seventh is reserved only for people like Krishna.

Jainas have thrown Krishna into the seventh hell. Why? I don't think they can throw Rasputin into the seventh hell; Rasputin may go, at the most, to the second, not to the seventh. Krishna seems to be a far more dangerous man. It was he who persuaded Arjuna to go to war; in that war millions of people died. Now the whole violence, that great massacre of people, was caused by Krishna. Arjuna wanted to renounce the world... the story is beautiful:

The war had to start. Both the enemies were facing each other, just waiting for the signal to be given so they could start killing each other. Arjuna, seeing the millions of people, became a little shaken. He thought, "This is stupid. Just for the kingdom's sake, just to be a king, killing millions of people is not worth it." The insight was so penetrating that he dropped his famous bow and he told Krishna -- Krishna was his driver, his charioteer -- he told Krishna, "Turn away the chariot. Take me to the jungle, leave me there. I want to renounce the world. I don't want this kingdom any more and I don't want to fight."

Krishna persuaded him, argued with him, convinced him that this was his duty, that he was being a coward, that this was escapism. And finally he made him fight. Now according to Jaina philosophy Arjuna was right. He was really becoming a Jaina monk, dropping all violence. Krishna was the dangerous person who had given great logical rationalizations for him to go into the war.

He says to Arjuna, "It is decided by God -- the war is going to happen, it is inevitable. Even if you escape, somebody else will have to take your place, but the war is going to happen. So don't you be worried, you are just an excuse. You are not killing these people; God has already decided that these people have to be killed, and these people have to be killed to save religion. These people have to be killed for the sake of peace. You have to do it -- it is your duty!" And he gives great arguments. He says, "And remember, when you kill a person..." and this is the most dangerous argument. He says, "When you kill a person you only kill his body. The soul is not killed, the soul is eternal. So why be worried? He will be born again. He will have another body, in fact a new body. You take away an old model and he will be getting a new model, because the soul is eternal."

This is a very dangerous argument according to Jaina ideology. This means you can kill, it is not a crime. This man is dangerous. They have thrown him into the seventh hell.


Jesus was not thought to be a very nice fellow -- you don't crucify nice fellows! -- neither was Krishna thought to be a very religious person. You don't throw religious people into the seventh hell. And Mahavira was thought to be utterly mad by the Hindus, by the Buddhists, because he was roaming naked. He was destroying the Hindu culture. He was not even behaving like a gentleman, what to say about an enlightened man? They chased him out of one village to another village. Finally he was poisoned in his old age -- he suffered for six months.

Hindus have so much anger against Mahavira that they have not even mentioned his name in their scriptures -- they have completely ignored him. Even to take note of him would have been giving some importance to him. His name is not mentioned in a single Hindu scripture. A man of such tremendous truth and even his name is ignored, deliberately, so that he can be effaced from history. And they knew that it could be done because there were very few followers and those followers could be destroyed or converted; the whole thing could be effaced as if it had never happened.

Buddha they had to mention in their scriptures because Buddha had millions of followers; it was almost impossible to destroy his name. So just out of sheer necessity they have mentioned Buddha, but in a very condemnatory way. They say Buddha came into the world to destroy religion, to destroy people's virtue, because hell was empty and the Devil was continuously nagging God: "You have made hell and hell is empty, and for centuries we have been sitting there doing nothing. Send us people! We have perfected every means to torture, but there is nobody to torture! And we are hankering! And people are so virtuous... Hindus are so virtuous, so religious, so spiritual, ALL Hindus -- they all go to heaven!"

So God took compassion on the poor Devil and he said, "Okay. Now I will come to the world as Gautam the Buddha and I will destroy people's faith in the true religion and I will distract them from their path. I will make them go astray; then they will start falling into hell and you will have enough people to torture."

Hence Buddha is accepted by the Hindus as an incarnation of God, but for what? To fill up hell! Hindus are cunning people, far more cunning than anybody else.

Crucifying Jesus did not succeed in a way, because out of the crucifixion Christianity was born. But by accepting Buddha as an incarnation of God and yet giving him such a twist, giving such a condemnatory turn to the whole thing, India became completely non-Buddhist -- who wants to go to hell? Buddhism completely disappeared from India, totally disappeared. Even the temple in Bodh Gaya where Buddha became enlightened -- the temple was made in memory of him -- for centuries they could not find a Buddhist monk to be the priest in the temple. There is a Hindu priest in the temple. The temple stands as Buddha's memorial, but Buddhists disappeared so completely that even for a single temple there was not one single Buddhist to be the priest. Still the priest is a Hindu because now it has become a traditional thing. Now the temple is owned by Hindu priests, by brahmins. Strange, because Buddha is against the brahmins, against the Vedas! And the most sacred place for the Buddhists is possessed by the Hindus -- a brahmin priest!

Jews killed Jesus, but they forgot that the crucifixion would attract many people -- it would become a proof that he was a messiah, it would prove it, it would become historical; it would go deep into people's hearts. In fact, Jews themselves started feeling guilty afterwards. Judas immediately committed suicide -- just twenty-four hours afterwards he committed suicide, he felt so guilty. And in the Jews who had crucified this simple man, this poor man, of course a feeling of guilt was bound to arise. And when guilt arises, the only way is to cover it up by worshipping, by giving respect. The same Jews turned Christians  -- they were the first Christians.

Hindus succeeded far more cleverly. They did not crucify Buddha, although they tried many times to kill him; they could not succeed. But philosophically, metaphysically they succeeded.

Satya Veetrag, do you think that when Buddha was alive people were thinking that he was a god? Then you are wrong. Do you think Mahavira was worshipped by the people as a god? Then you are wrong. Of course, he was accepted by a few disciples as divine, but the major part of the society condemned him. They condemned Buddha, they condemned Krishna, they condemned Jesus, in the same way they are condemning me. In fact, in a roundabout way they are putting me in the same category with Jesus, Krishna, Mahavira and Buddha, by calling me Rasputin -- because in their minds Rasputin is nothing but an evil spirit, a very powerful evil spirit. And of course, they are accepting one thing: that there is some power which is working here.

Just the other day I received a letter from a sannyasin saying that a few months ago a television company had made a film of the ashram, and now a Christian priest is doing the commentary on it. And the sannyasin has seen the commentary and the film, and the priest is just stating lies, absolute lies. He has never been here. The film was made by the television company; the priest has never been here and he is commenting on the film, he is giving a running commentary on the film. So when in darshan people are moved, and they are dancing and they are singing and they go ecstatic, his commentary is: "Look! This is black magic! This man is an incarnation of the Devil. What he is doing is hypnotism, mesmerism."

They are bound to compare me with Rasputin, just to condemn me. Once they have crucified me, the same people will worship me, but first they have to crucify me. And I am not in any way in a hurry -- that's why there are so many guards and security arrangements. Naturally, twenty centuries after Jesus I am a little more alert about what they can do! Jesus was not alert about this, that they would go to such lengths. I know they can go -- I know they WILL go -- but I would like to linger on a little more so I can infect as many people as possible!

So they will make every effort to destroy me -- but because they cannot destroy they become enraged. Then at least they can write in newspapers and spread rumors -- and I love it! I love all those rumors! Even respected newspapers, news agencies go on doing stupid things, but it creates sensation and they live on sensationalism. This is absolutely natural; it has to happen in this way. It can only happen in this way -- this is inevitable.

Only my people will understand what I am, and I don't care what others say -- not a bit! In fact, I would like them to create as many rumors as possible, because their rumors bring people to the ashram -- and once they are here I can always hypnotize them! Those rumors are bringing many people here. Once they are here their vision changes, their perspective changes. They start seeing that it is a totally different phenomenon: what is happening here is something totally different from what they have heard. What they have heard helps me because that becomes a contrast.

If you come to me thinking that here is a Rasputin, and then you see and you listen and you sit in silence with me, suddenly the contrast is clear: where is Rasputin? Here is a simple man. talking in simple language, pouring his heart and his love sharing his joy, neither interested in any politics nor interested in any organized religion, only interested in one thing -- how people can become more aware, more alert, more meditative.

The priests are afraid -- their business can be destroyed by me. The politicians are afraid because I can create, through creating consciousness, rebellious people. Hence they are going to conspire against me, but all their conspiracy is ultimately a help.

It is my observation that truth cannot be killed. You can kill me, but truth cannot be killed. You can crucify Jesus, but how can you crucify truth? In fact, the crucifixion becomes a background in which the truth shines forth more clearly, moTe definitively than ever. So I enjoy their rumors. I never say anything against their rumors.

Just a few days ago there was a picture in a German magazine showing that I have got two wives, one Indian, one English. Because I was getting out of the car he had taken the picture, which is taken from behind Shiva, and Shiva sometimes makes his hair in such a way that his head looks like an Indian woman -- so Shiva is my Indian wife! Now I don't criticize and I don't say a single word. I loved the idea! Shiva is so beautiful, what is wrong in it? Good! In fact, I should have at least thirty wives, each wife representing one country. Why just Indian and English? Go on spreading the news that "He has thirty wives, one representing each country!" That will be far more right. I have got thirty mediums, you can use them as my thirty wives!

But these fools are bound to do such things -- this is expected. And I am not worried, because I have nothing to worry about. I have found that which is the fulfillment of my life. Now whether I am famous or notorious does not matter. Whether I am Rasputin or Buddha does not matter. A few people will think of me as Buddha, a few people, and the majority will think about me as Rasputin. That's beautiful.

One thing I am certainly interested in is that everybody should think something about me!


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