Chapter 12

Question 4



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The fourth question

Question 4




IT HAS been one of the obsessions of Indians for centuries, and the only result of it all has been that they are the most greedy people on the earth, and the most angry and the most sexual. For centuries they have been fighting against these three -- greed, anger, sex -- and what is the outcome? Do you see so much greed in anyone else anywhere on earth?

Indians go on calling Western people materialists without ever seeing the fact that to possess is not to be a materialist but that the desire to possess is the foundation of materialism. The West possesses; that does not mean that it is materialist. It simply means it is scientific, it is technological, it knows how to create things. It has penetrated deeply into the world of objects and has come to know its secrets. It has worked hard. It is not materialist, it is simply technologically more developed.

But Indians have a great desire to possess. You may not have anything, and still you will be a materialist if the desire to possess is there. You may possess only a small hut or only a begging bowl, but that is enough for your whole possessiveness to be focused on. And you will be a materialist, not a spiritualist.

Materialism has nothing to do with greed; materialism is a way of living your life, just as spiritualism is. If you are constantly thinking of things and there is nothing more in your being, no desire for anything more, then you have chosen materialism as your way of life.

Here you see people from all countries, and the question is asked again and again by Indians: "Why are there so few Indians?" There are so few Indians because only very few Indians are interested in spiritualism as a way of life. Yes, they can talk about it, they can brag about it -- it fulfills their ego -- but they are not really ready to live it. Even if they come here they come with the specific purpose that I can help them to go to the West through some Western sannyasins, to be educated at Cambridge, at Oxford, at Harvard, so that they can become capable of earning more.

So many letters come to me saying: "You have so many disciples all over the world. Can't you help us poor Indians to get scholarships, some support from foundations like the Ford Foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation?" Their whole interest is in how to possess more power, more things, more money, more prestige. They are not interested in meditation at all.

And what is the reason? What has happened? What has gone wrong? For five thousand years they have been thinking of fighting with greed, anger, sex, and the total result is that the Indian mind is absolutely full of sexuality. They talk about spirituality, but if you look in their minds, if we could make small windows into Indian minds, you would be surprised... In their films even kissing is not allowed. The government even decides how close the lips of the lovers can come: six inches -- more than that is obscene. And if you could make small windows into Indian minds you would see such obscene scenes that all your Playboy magazines will be nothing compared to them! And this is proved by the whole history of India.

The first book on sexual postures was written by Indians  -- Vatsyayana's Kama Sutras -- very obscene, ugly. Then the second book also was written by a Kashmiri brahmin scholar, Pundit Koka, Koka Shastra. I sometimes suspect he may be the discoverer of Coca-Cola too -- his name is Koka. His book is one of the dirtiest in the whole world!

You can go to see Khajuraho, Konarak and Puri -- and there are many other temples like them. And you cannot even imagine -- even your fantasy will fail when you see the sculpture of Khajuraho. What imagination! And for hundreds of years they must have worked, thousands of sculptors must have worked to create so many temples. It is a whole city of temples -- only temples, because now the city is deserted. Hundreds of temples have disappeared, but hundreds of temples are still intact; a few are absolutely intact.

Do you think group sex is something discovered by the Americans? You are wrong! On the Khajuraho temples there are scenes of group sex. You cannot imagine -- Khajuraho shocks everybody. The woman is standing on her head and the man is making love to her -- headstand love! The man is standing on his head and the woman is making love to him. All kinds of obscene, stupid, silly ideas! And India is a spiritual country!

And anger you can see every day in communal riots. Everywhere people are ready to kill so easily, and just a moment before they were praying, they were doing their namaz, they were doing their prayer. But it is very  strange that people go to do namaz with weapons, because immediately after the namaz the killing starts -- as if they were ready! And Hindus go to the temples with weapons!

All the political leaders of India go on talking of non-violence, and all these murders, killings, riots... ! Houses are being burnt, post offices are being burnt, police stations are being burnt. People are being burnt alive! There are so many rapes all over the country, and still the leaders go on talking about non-violence.

And the miracle of miracles is that all these things are provoked and managed by the opposition parties. All these communal riots are being done, inspired, triggered by the same people who had come to rule with Morarji Desai for three years. The same people, the same communalists, the same Hindu chauvinists are behind the whole scene -- because they have tasted once the joys of power and now they cannot remain powerless. Now by any means they have to reach to power.

First they will create a state of chaos in the whole country. And of course if the government cannot control the chaos, "the government is impotent." Then there are only two alternatives left for the government. One alternative is to just stand by the side and watch because "it is a democracy and everybody has freedom of expression..."

And in India people have only these repressed things to express: anger, violence, greed, sex. The moment a riot happens, immediately there are rapes, immediately shops are looted -- immediately these things start happening --  all three things together. This seems to be the innermost trinity in the Indian mind: sex, anger, greed; they all come simultaneously.

And the whole thing is managed by the opposition parties, so they have left only two alternatives for Indira Gandhi. One is: don't do anything, just watch, try to manage somehow -- which they will make impossible. The second thing is: be strict, impose something like the Emergency again. Then they will say, "Look, we have been telling you that if you bring this woman back to power she will bring the Emergency back immediately. Democracy will be destroyed. Had we not said that bringing Indira Gandhi back to power would mean the end of democracy? Look!" Now these two alternatives are left for Indira Gandhi; there is no other alternative. And this is how they are hoping to come back to power.

If you stand by without doing anything, then the chaos will make it absolutely clear to the country that the government is impotent, that it cannot do anything -- it has to be changed. Or if you do something, that means you are destroying democracy, you are taking people's freedom away, and that is enough cause to pull you down from power.

My own suggestion to Indira Gandhi is: impose a stricter Emergency than before, and for fifteen years no elections in this country. For fifteen years this country needs no democracy! This country is not capable of having democracy -- it has not that much intelligence. It has lived for two thousand years in slavery; it only knows how to live peacefully in slavery. If it has freedom it does not know how to cope with it. And in those fifteen years try forcibly to teach this country how to live independently. Nobody has taught this country how to live independently.

And you are asking me: These are the three great temptations of the Devil. How to conquer them?

This is the question Indians have been asking for five thousand years, Virendra, and the result is total anarchy. I cannot suggest to you any method of conquering because there is none. Understanding is possible, victory is not possible. Through understanding, victory also is possible, but trying to be victorious even understanding becomes impossible.

And the more you try to escape from these temptations of the Devil, the more you will be in their grip, because every temptation becomes more appealing the farther you escape from it.

A beautiful woman went to see an old and experienced doctor. During the examination he noticed two strange green spots on the inside of her thighs and he asked, "Are you married?"

"Engaged," replied the woman.

"What is your fiance's profession?"

"Well, doctor, he doesn't really have a profession. He is a gypsy

"A real one?"

"Yes, doctor, a real gypsy."

"Look, lady," said the doctor, "he may be real, but his earrings are not!"

For five thousand years you have practiced a religion which is false. The outcome shows this absolutely clearly, and still you are asking the same question.

A woman returns from a shopping trip wearing a very chic new dress. Her husband, appalled at the cost of the dress, tells her angrily that they cannot afford to spend money that way.

"Well," says his wife, "I'm afraid the Devil tempted me!"

"Don't you know," fumes the husband, "that when the Devil tempts you you are supposed to say, 'Get thee behind me'?"

"Yes," she replies, "I did that, but then he said, 'My dear, it fits you so beautifully at the back!' "

No old  strategies will help anymore. It is better to go through all these experiences of greed, anger and sex.

Don't be a coward, Virendra. Your name means courageous, brave, and what you are asking is cowardly. Go through these experiences. Accept them as part of life, as God given gifts -- there must be something in them. There is! If you go through greed, sharing arises. If you go through anger totally, in deep awareness, meditativeness, love arises, compassion arises. If you go through sex consciously, meditatively, you will have the first glimpses of samadhi, you will know the first windows opening into the divine.

The old man is showing his son the family album. The boy sees a photograph where his father is sitting in a chair with his legs crossed while his mother is standing by his side with a pained expression on her face.

"Hey, dad, what is this?" asks the son.

"What, son?"

"This photo," says the boy. "Why are you making mother stand while you are sitting down? That's not being a gentleman!"

"Ah, son," explains the father, "this photograph was taken on our honeymoon. At that time your mother could not sit down and I could not stand up!"

Virendra, you need experience, you need understanding. And through understanding is transformation.


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