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God Only Knows.
The Monkey goes to Godhood.

The object at the end of and beyond history is the human species fused into eternal tantric union with the superconducting overmind. The monkey goes to Godhood. To fear death is to misunderstand life. There is a spiritual obligation, there is a task to be done, a primary obligation toward being. The imagination is everything. When the laws of physics are obviated, the universe disappears and what is left is the tightly bound plenum - the monad; able to express for itself. Rather than just cast a shadow as its reflection.

All the images and manifestaions are precursory images. As the distance closes with the object, the reflections it is throwing off resemble more and more the thing itself. In the final moment the unspeakable stands revealed. There are no more reflections of the mystery. When the host is ready, the guest arrives. When the disciple is ready, the Master arrives. The mind is old - it is the whole past of existence. And the being, your consciousness, is moment to moment, it is fresh. This moment comes to meditators when they hover between the mind and being. To say that we know of our essential unity and to ignore the suffering of mankind is to fail to obey the second of the two great commandments:

  • Love the Lord thy God.
  • Love thy neighbour as thyself (but first know thyself and respect your neighbours differing tastes)


We have to learn to accept life as it is, ourselves as we are, before we can do anything. Every moment we have to learn to be awake. Each moment is equally important. How much we receive depends on how much we give. We commit ourselves once and for all to change. We allow ourselves to be changed and then to being an agent for real change to take place in the world around us. We have to accept change and all that is brings with it. I was a hidden treasure and longed to be known, so I created the world so that I might be known. How could it be possible for anything to be known, and for that knowledge to be confirmed, if there were not the illusion of seperateness?

I am - I know that He (Creator, The One) needs me (the individuals, The Many) to affirm Him

We make our journey to this new world that we have chosen and then, in humility, we ask of those who already live in that place what rules they have found to help fulfill the natural order of life.

Scrutinise your motives. Give up the objects that your mind likes the most, least for some time. When the craving for them has vanished, then you can take them, as a Master.


Real need is God's need.

Desire is relative

Love is absolute.


The first thing we are asked to do is to learn to love the plant and mineral kingdoms and of course, all God's creation. The sole purpose of love is beauty. Everytime we die to what we thought we were, certain energy is released which goes toward the future of mankind. Reason is powerless in the expression of love. Love alone is capable of revealing the truth of love and of being a lover. The way of our prophets is a way of truth. If you want to live, die in love. Die in love if you want to remain alive. Come, look at this world, life a painted royal chariot, fools sink in it, the knowing have no attachment to it. The body is a loan. Let the intelligent one get rid of the impurity of the self gradually, little by little, moment to moment, as a metalworker removes impurity from silver.


Consciousness can transcend mind.

Spirit is the life that itself strikes into life, through its own torment it increases its own knowledge. He who is not a bind shall not make his home above abysses. Philosophy is nothing but a mind game. It is not the way to find the truth or love. It only goes on making systems of empty words. Evolution means that the universe has always been there - constantly changing, moving, evolving, creating new forms, better forms. Man's consciousness evolves to its ultimate potential - that will be the creation of God. God is not your master and your lord, he is your evolved, refined form.

Each life has the seed, the potential to become a God. Religion becomes the greates creative act of man. This is the only life. Now it is up to us what we make of it. You can be the creators - and the greates creation of yours will be the creation of God - the creation of the Superman. Carrying dead corpses is dangerous. To remain surrounded with dead corpses is dangerous, because they can poison your life - they have poisoned your life. An infintiy of life and an infinity of time is available to you.


You can create God within your own soul.

Man is a process not an event. Change needs effort and man is bone-lazy! Change means going into the unknown and man is a coward. Those who love humanity, will be hated - most people will be angry with them. The spirit is an adventure. Knowing is different to believing. Live dangerously because your inner self is immortal. If I can listen to my own consciousness, I have listened to all the seers of the world, because it is the same source from where they quenched their thirst. Do unto others what you would like then to do to you...........but remember they have different tastes. Life is unpredictable.


The will to power is life's intrinsic law.

He that cannot obey himself will be commanded. Life said."Behold! I am that which must be overcome again and again". The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger and play dice for death. The experiencer is life! Whatever I create and however much I love it - soon I have to oppose it and my love this will, my will have it. Unchanging good and evil do not exist! From out of themselves they must overcome themselves again and again. Life is a constant overcoming. Everything is trying to go beyond itself. Overcoming is never complete. Life can remain alive only if it goes on overcoming itself. Obey yourself! Body/mind/heart/intuition.

Life is an invisible energy which goes on and on with only one desire - to overcome itself. It wants to be higher, it wants to be more powerful, it wants to be more successful. Whatever it is it wants to reach higher than that point. Knowing belongs to your consciouness and its evolution. Knowledge belongs to your mind and its memory system. Behind the borrowed words there is no experience. The ego lives only on the borrowed. I have lived to much in words, now I want actual experience.


Cleverness is a poor substitute for wisdom.

The mystic goes to the well - the scholar to the library. The scholar has forgotten living, he knows only thinking. If beauty cannot stop your mind, you don't know what beauty is. The body is your outer soul, the soul your inner body. Fighting with yourself you cannot overcome.. We can create a foundation for a better man to arrive. We can herald and declare that the superman is going to succeed us.

Willing liberates, but what is it that fastens in fetters even the liberator?? - "IT WAS" The will is an angry spectator of all things past. Man is rooted in the Earth - Never betray the Earth It is a sickness of man's mind that is absolutely needed for the priests and their profession. What we call humanity is a battlefield of slaughter. Everbody has been destroyed in some way or other, everybody has been stopped from growing.


You are born out of biology. Your every cell is nothing but sexual energy.

Nature wants to reproduce - new life, new forms, better forms. Nature is a continuous process of evolution. Those who arrive at the peak. Only they have lived their lives. Their ecstasy is immeasurable. It is like walking a tightrope. The fear of the abyss keeps us cllinging to the status quo - this fear is in everyone. Fear exists to be overcome. Seek out your fears - experience that which you fear.

Let your love be manifested!!


"I cannot be the superman

I can only be the bridge

Over me will pass humanity

Into a new age."




The Goal is to become Whole.

Enjoying life without fear with whole heartedness. The will (to power) liberates but it cannot forget the past. Only in the innocence of the child, the past disappears. Memories are made by UNLIVED MOMENTS. To be trusting in this deceiving world is not possible for a coward. It is possible only for a lion and the child is innocent, trusting. It is not the height, it is the abyss which is terrible.

If life is to be pleasant to watch, its play must be well acted. However, good actors are needed. In overcoming there is risk. What if the old dies and the new never comes?? The real problem is the vain man. Who is utterly empty. Who tries to show humbleness. And meekness and simplicity. You cannot hurt him. He will remain the same forever. He will not improve. There is no challenge for him

Everything in the world that humanity can be proud of is created by the man of pride not the so called humble man!! Perhaps his humbleness is a cover for his cowardliness, uncreativeness.Perhaps it is nothing but an escape from the struggle of life. It is NOT POSITVE it IS NEGATIVE! Vain people are all pretenders, hypocrites. Frankness, honesty, sincerity are all better values than niceness and pleasantness. Courage is the best destroyer. Courage also destroys pity Pity, however, is the deepest abyss as deeply as a man looks into life, so deeply does he look into suffering


The seeker has to learn to be a process rather than an event.

Man is not a being. He is a becoming. The very pilgrimmage is bliss not the goal. The goal is perhaps nothing but an excuse to wander. Movement is life. I am nothing but a longing. A desire for the impossible


That a man can come to an understanding with life

That whatever happens. Is the right thing. He was not asking. For something to happen. He was simply available. No other desire than existence itself. With total acceptance. Accidents stop happening and life becomes a totally different experience


One has to transcend oneself

One has to leave oneself behind

One has to go ahead of oneself


All that you are must be left behind.

If discovering new spaces outside and inside is a bliss and a benediction to you then abysses and summits don't make any difference. And man has that much courage one just has to awaken to it; it is generally fast asleep. Once your courage roars like a lion, you feel for the first time the thrill of life, the joy, the dance. If you want to change, then don't postpone it for tomorrow, from this moment start exploring. Look for something new, something fresh. Make it as beautiful as possible, as enchanting, as creative.


To be a man needs guts, because to be a man means continuous overcoming, a transcendence every day.

Where the sunset leaves you, the sunrise should not find you there. A long journey which will end in finding yourself. I now avoid my happiness and offer myself to all unhappiness for my ultimate testing and recognition. Birth brings life, it is up to you to transform your life energies into a higher phenomenon - that of consciousness. Unless the superman appears then man is doomed - Suicide or Superman.


Your love for yourself is the only alchemy to produce the superman.

The collective consciousness functions as one whole - it does not allow individuals to be decisive on their own. The first thing is solitude - the second thing is defiance. One has to make it clear to eveybody that nobody is going to decide for you.


Learn to say NO! If you cannot say NO, then your intelligence starts dying.

To be humble, meek, obedient, is to commit spiritual suicide. Develop foresight, relaxedness comes from foresight - you know what is going to happen. Each situation, however difficult, is a test - joyfully go through it.


One has to begin with oneself

One has to be utterly selfish. Out of this selfishness will grow the flower that can share its fragrance with others. Be selfish, let yourself grow,,, to its ultimate potential, let it blossom, out of it the fragrance will go to all sides. Grow as much as you can, then sharing will happen on its own accord. Unless you long for the impossible, you cannot rise to the ultimate height. What are divine desires? A longing to transcend all that man has treasured up to now as valuable. Never fight against the current - go with the flow.


Compulsion, Purpose, guilt.

No action needs to have any purpose outside itself, it has to be intrinsically meaningful. To transcend himself man has to rise above knowledge. He has to be courageous enough to live in a mystery without asking why, without creating doubt, without any question, with a total YES. Because humanity has chosen God, it has denied itself.


Freedom and responsibility are always together. Either choose them both or deny them both.

Once you have gone away from your nature and your reality, you are going to be miserable, more and more mean, more and more jealous. The hypothesis of God has made man's life a tragedy. Anything new, and truth is always new, freaks him out!!!


One of the most miserable facts about humanity is that it has become accustomed to chains, superstitions, slavery and commandments.

Religion is a flowering of your own intelligence, your own consciousness. Be authentically yourself, then your life sources can start flowering. Your virtues make you. Unless you are willing to steal the truth you will not get it. Always do what you will, but first be such as can will.


Always love your neighbour as yourselves, but first be such as can love themselves.

Man is creating more for death than for life (weary of himself)

It seems that people deep down are ready to commit a global suicide.

All energies are neutral, it depends on you to what use you want to put them.


Man can be refined, all that is ugly in him can be destroyed.

You have to risk a little, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the known for the unknown, the comfortable for the dangerous. Your experiences depend on the quality of your consciousness


Things that make you seperate are always painful. Misery makes people seperate.

At the lowest you are lonely. You have forgotten the language of love, you have forgotten how to communicate, how to relate. You are lonely in the darkness, just tears of agony and a cry of tremendous pain.


Experiences don't depend on outside things, they depend on your own inner growth, inner vision.

A wise person needs no proof whereas a buffoon tries to prove that he is wise. They say, "I am wiser than you and the easiest way to prove it is to laugh at you." You have life in the same proportion as you have consciousness. The devil is the inventor of God, and the devil is simply a symbol of your COWARDLINESS, that has made you afraid of life.


Every soul has the right to reach to the peak and become a God.

The home is to be found within. The people outside are strangers, whatever you do it is impossible to destroy the strangeness of others. Only with yourself you are not a stranger. Only through relaxation are you at ease with yourself and with existence.

Close your eyes and move inwards.You are whom you are searching. The searcher is the sought. The arrow is the target. The observer the observed. The seer and the seen. This becoming one, is the greatest ecstasy possible to human consciousness. It is something like a law of nature. That you cannot tolerate the idea. That someone who comes from you has reached home. And you are still wandering. It hurts the ego.


Everybody speaks

Nobody listens

If we don't listen

How can we understand.

You have to keep a balance in life

A balanced life is a wholesome life

Polar opposites need to be dropped


In society

You are forced to lie

Out of pity

Out of compassion

Anybody who wants to be

Truthful, honest and sincere

Will be crushed

By the society


We need intelligent people

Not good people


Unless the little man is ready to die

The superman cannot arrive

The seed has become the imprisonment


If you renounce sensual pleasure you are renouncing sensitivity.

If you close your senses, you have already prepared your grave.

Sensual pleasure is only an arrow

Indicating that there are

Greater pleasures

Greater happiness

Greater fulfillments.


If you deny the beginning

You have denied the end.


Transcend but never renounce

If you renounce

What is there to transcend?


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